Saturday, January 01, 2000

The Saga of The Swamp Thing: Chapter 1.

Elemental Universe Presents:

The Saga of The Swamp Thing: Chapter 1.
"The Coming of The Green and The Grey."

The Time: 4,500,000,000 B.C.

At Creation's beginning, the race of advanced beings known as the Forest Lords and their master, Sila, seeded the planets throughout the universe with the potential for life (green, blue, red, and violet), cast to each forming sphere by celestial rain. On some worlds, life never took hold, or took root briefly, before silence resumed. While others remained barren for all eternity alone. But on three planets in the Sol System (Earth, Jupiter and a fifth planet, now perished), the fires cooled, life blossomed, thrived, and survived to this day.

The plant kingdom formed a conscious realm called the Green and gained dominion over Earth, while on the fifth world, evolution followed a separate path and based itself on fungi and molds, and called itself the Grey. Meanwhile, a mineral intelligence took shape on Earth, forming the elemental Parliament of Stones. Soon, other primordial elemental mass consciousness developed, including the aquatic Parliament of Waves, and air-based Parliament of Vapors. The Green's complex consciousness, however, had yet to evolve and attain sentience.

Swamp Thing and The Prime Founding of The Parliament of Trees.


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