Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Strike Force: The Battle With Magneto.

Magneto. This Is The Battle You've Been Waiting For!

Today, I ended my association with the Heroes United.
But I attained something far greater: a super-team of my own!

I said: "Swamp Thing here... My strike force... to aid J'onn J'onzz...
in his battle... against Magneto... is assembled..."

My only regret is that I can't speak faster.
I took part in an adventure which involved the following heroes:

Green Lantern Kilowog.

The Majestic and Valiant Barefoot Power Girl.

The Brave and Beautiful Barefoot Lady Bulleteer.
[She'd been de-magnetized for this battle.]

The Frankenstein Monster,
and The Ballistic Barefoot Bride.

and Barefoot Zatanna:
The Magnificent Barefoot Lady Magician.

Together, we were collectively known as the Strike Force.
Our mission: to save the life of the Martian Manhunter from his other dimensional enemies from a divergent universe. My Strike Force had our confrontation with Captain Koma and Magneto. Barefoot Lady Blackhawk took us to the Martian Manhunter's headquarters at the Hall of Justice, which once housed the Justice League's meetings. Inside, we soon found out the Martian had gone after Koma on his own. Barefoot Power Girl and Barefoot Zatanna found evidence J'onn had been poisoned, several oreo cookie crumbs were found at the bottom of an empty glass of chocolate milk he had consumed. Strangely enough, the cookies have bizarrely addictive alterations on his alien body chemistry. We had to save him from himself if need be. Time was of the essence. But where was Green Lantern Kilowog? He arrived late and behaved very strangely, saying he was held up in space. He said he didn't want to wear out his power ring, so he boarded the plane with us. Barefoot Lady Oracle had scouted up Koma's secret lair. The Blackhawk jet dropped us off at our destination at record speed. Inside, the Martian was already confronting Koma, doing considerable damage to Koma's beautiful barefoot female android lover. "Manhunter, you will pay!" Koma shouted at his opponent from within his lair. Kilowog pushed the rest of us aside [which didn't make Frankenstein too happy with him], and shouted, "Open up, ya poozers!" J'onn opened the door for us. He seemed to have the situation under control, but the effects of the food poisoning were already telling on him. Koma took advantage of our concern for J'onn and teleported himself away. Kilowog angrily shook his head, "Great. We turn up to kick this poozer's ass and he does a disappearing act on us." Then, in a slightly effeminate, and oddly monotonic voice he added, "I am so going to kill him for this." Kilowog's red eyes seemed to turn bright yellow for a moment. No one else seemed to notice, so I gave this distraction no further attention. Then we heard the following recorded message over an intercom: 'Koma has left the building by emergency teleportation. All heroes in the lair are asked to vacate in an orderly matter or they will be attacked by Synthoids.' "Hey, we still get to fight!" Kilowog persisted. Barefoot Lady Oracle's voice then came from it, arguing against Kilowog, who still wanted to stay and fight. Outside, Barefoot Lady Blackhawk left us in her jet. Clearly, Magneto's attack was about to begin. Suddenly, the fallen barefoot female android began to change shape, morphing itself into another barefoot female form. "It's the Barefoot Teminatrix Terminator!" the Barefoot Lady Bulleteer shouted. The battery in J'onn's hand turned into a metal spear and almost killed him, were it not for Barefoot Power Girl's super-speed. Barefoot Lady Oracle warned us to get outside and fight Magneto, for she could not hold off the Synthoids forever. The Barefoot Lady TX struggled viciously with Barefoot Power Girl, Kilowog, Frankenstein, and the Barefoot Bride. I traced the walls with a special vine to find a weak spot. Finding it, I commanded the Barefoot Lady Bulleteer to create a fast exit for us. Her naked metallic always barefoot toes ripped apart the floors as she ran hard and burst outside the wall.

"Out of the frying pan and into the fire!" she said, as her shining metallic-skinned statuesque beautiful nude body and bullet-shaped helmet crashed out through the downed wall. As soon as we were all outside, I told the Strike Force to leave the Barefoot TX to the Synthoids. Kilowog swore he'd get even with the Barefoot Lady TX. The Barefoot Power Girl asked him why he didn't use his power ring on it. Kilowog had no reply. Barefoot Zatanna expressed worry to me the Lantern's ring may have lost it's charge. We had no time to worry about that. Magneto was already coming into view.

Magneto issued this challenge:
"Swamp Thing! You'll soon know the folly of challenging my Brotherhood of Mutants with your Strike Force."
Captain Koma, who stood at Magneto's side asked, "Magneto, you said you'd let me destroy them first. I just finished teleporting my Synthoids out to save them from being terminated by your TX."
"Very well." Magneto sighed, "Have it your way, Koma."
"Let's see how your Strike Force go up against my new and improved synthoid army." Koma said. The Synthoids appeared, surrounding us. The Martian was in an outrage. The Barefoot Power Girl asked J'onn to calm down, she'd handle it. The Barefoot Power Girl moved at great speed and within seconds, she took out all of the Synthoids. "No!" Koma shouted running toward us. "You've smashed my Synthoids! Don't you heroes ever play fair?"
"Shut up and sleep it off, Captain Comatose." the Barefoot Power Girl laughed, headbutting Koma to knock him out cold. "A most impressive display, Barefoot Power Girl." Magneto grinned. "Are you prepared to face real power?" The powerful and beautiful barefoot superheroine stood her ground, as her muddy-soled, ankleted, and toe-ringed beautiful bare feet soon began to levitate well above the soil, in her gallant super-powered anticipation. There was no denying the sheer strength of her determination. "We'll soon find out." Barefoot Kara replied, "Hit me with your best shot."

"The first move is to be mine? Quite sporting of you, my barefoot dear." Magneto said. The Mutant Master of Magnetism unleashed his attack upon the Barefoot Power Girl, magnetizing the metallic particles in the very air surrounding her. She was flung into a nearby deep salt lake with a terrific splash, plunging her deep underwater, all the way to the bottom. I took control of the plants beneath her, attempting to force the immensely strong but now suddenly helpless brave barefoot superheroine to rise and swim to the surface. But the Barefoot Power Girl remained trapped below the lake, submerged deep beneath the cold drink by the force of the magnetic repulsion.

Magneto was determined to drown the Barefoot Power Girl if possible. I told my Strike Force I would go into the lake to save the brave Kryptonian barefoot superheroine physically, if I had to. Then Magneto unleashed his next magnetic assault upon all of us, except Barefoot Zatanna. The barefoot lady magician had already disappeared, as she was the most vulnerable of us. She reappeared amongst the waiting Brotherhood of Mutants. Barefoot Zatanna, now fully nude and anxious to execute an underwater rescue, took the Barefoot Scarlet Witch by a martial arts chokehold and asked, "Hey, Barefoot Wanda. That lake Barefoot Kara fell into looks great. Let's go for a nice nude swim and help her out down there, huh?" The two barefoot women vanished, immediately to join the Barefoot Power Girl, both were now stood nude at the bottom of the lake. Barefoot Wanda, unable to concentrate, quickly lost her breath under the pressure and shock of the sudden underwater submersion and passed out in the more aquatically-adept Barefoot Zatanna's arms. Swimming rapidly to the surface with Barefoot Wanda, Barefoot Zatanna used her own power and the power expended from the Barefoot Scarlet Witch's failed attempt to cast a hex. The Barefoot Power Girl, now freed from Magneto's power rose to the surface. Barefoot Kara gasped to regain her breath, stroked back her wet blonde hair, and thanked Barefoot Zatanna for saving her life. Barefoot Zatanna said she couldn't stay, for now she had to take the Barefoot Scarlet Witch prisoner and find out why she betrayed the Avengers and rejoined Magneto. Before the Barefoot Power Girl could begin to protest this, Barefoot Zatanna and Barefoot Wanda were gone in a flash of light. The Barefoot Power Girl swiftly returned to us.

The Barefoot Power Girl's return was well-timed, just as the rest of us were about to fall before the power of Magneto. Even my power to alternate my frequencies were not enough to escape him. The demagnetized nanotech-powered metallic-skinned cyborg Barefoot Lady Bulleteer, the immortal undead creation Frankenstein and his wayward Barefoot Bride, and the aliens Kilowog and Martian Manhunter were equally helpless. The Barefoot Lady Bulleteer said Barefoot Lady Oracle was reporting to Barefoot Alix via her headset that the barefoot female mutant shapeshifter known as Barefoot Lady Mystique wasn't amongst the Brotherhood. I didn't see the importance of this. The Barefoot Power Girl came to our rescue then, slapping her hands together to break Magneto's concentration, freeing all of us. The shock was too great for the evil mutant leader, and he could only expend his remaining power to protect himself. Magneto then cordially congratulated the Barefoot Power Girl for stalemating him. He complimented how magnificent she looked after the few minutes she'd spent trapped in the lake, the distinguished look of her pretty face, her golden glittering slicked-back wet blonde hair, how the sunset's light shown on the cleavage of her lovely large breasts as shown by her immodestly bright, sexy white costume. For a moment, she laughed. Her ankleted bare feet clinched the earth between her silver-ringed barefoot toes. She eased her bare fingers upon her tall clear round wide sleek forehead and bare temples, then stroked back her sexy fine shiny blonde slicked-down smooth wet hair spread evenly slicked-back and dripping cleanly down her lovely neck. She enjoyed her nice cool swim on this hot Summer Solistice evening.

The beautiful Barefoot Power Girl sighed, while Magneto laughed.
She tied all of her wet slicked-back blonde hair neatly back into a small ponytail, and said this wasn't a date and to get ready for a serious fight. Magneto said that we in the Strike Force didn't know the half of it. Then he gestured to the Barefoot Lady TX Terminator who suddenly stood behind us. An electronic shockwave disabled us all, forcing me and my allies to the ground and into unconsciousness. This when our planned wave of reinforcements from the Heroes United, led by the X-Men, finally reached our reality and attacked the invasive Magneto on our behalf. The daring nude Barefoot Lady Rogue was the first to join our fight. She boldly crashed into the Brotherhood of Mutants. The Barefoot Lady Rogue forced the evil mutants to break ranks, lest she absorb their minds and abilities with her own mutant powers. "Cavalry's here, y'all."
The beautiful Barefoot Lady Rogue proudly smiled.

The Barefoot Lady Storm was the next to arrive. She separated
the Barefoot Lady TX from us with a bolt of lightning. The fierce
savage beautiful nude African Barefoot Warrior Queen shouted,

The feral Wolverine attempted to attack Magneto, but intercepted by the Barefoot Lady TX. "Not you again!", the killer machine protested furiously. "Well ya hunk'a scrap, the only way yer gonna get rid o' me is ta dump Magneto." Wolverine taunted the barefoot female Terminator.

"No! I will never leave my Magneto and you will never threaten him again!", the Barefoot Lady TX shouted back, attacking its feral mutant opponent.

This proved a diversion. Wolverine fell onto his back and kicked the Barefoot Lady Terminator into position for another strategic attack. Cyclops joined the fray, leading the remaining X-Men and their allies.

Cyclops ordered the strange barefoot woman named Barefoot Pantha to assist in our soon to be speedy recovery, covering her run toward us with his powerful optic blasts raised against the evil mutants, while Wolverine battled Magneto's murderous Barefoot Lady TX machine. Magneto stood over me and cursed me for my ingenuity, but I was too far gone for the moment, in my own waking nightmares brought on by the Barefoot Lady TX to pay any attention to him. An ally of Wolverine called Kodiak attacked the Barefoot Lady TX, disabling the barefoot female Terminator's verbal control systems. "Fools... such fools..." the Barefoot Lady TX said, throwing Kodiak at Wolverine, forcing the mutant to retract his adamantium claws. "I have so many ways of defeating you." the Barefoot Lady TX said, "Now what are you going to do? Even if that Barefoot Pantha Girl wakes your Strike Force, it will be too late to stop me."
Something emerged from enclosing flames.

It was at this point the changeling named Barefoot Pantha now came upon us. Instantly recognizing me as an Earth Elemental, Barefoot Pantha opened the vial of jungle herbs given to her by Barefoot Shi and administered them to me. I awoke, rapidly rose to my mossy feet, alert and prepared to face what came next. I put out the flames and replicated the herbs, so each of the Strike Force quickly recovered. All except for the poisoned Martian, who was now too weak to stand. "Have to fight this off." J'onn said, "Can't let this infection affect my mind like before." I told him we needed his help to stop the Barefoot Lady TX. I helped the Martian to his feet. I thanked Barefoot Pantha for saving us so quickly, complimenting her on what I believed was her jungle-born abilities. A harmless mistake in my misinterpetation of her origins, but she became irrationally angry with me. She told me, rather venomously, she was not to be mistaken with any different Barefoot Pantha from any other reality, particularly the one who died in battle with Superboy-Prime on this very Earth a few months ago. The Barefoot Power Girl, who was just waking up became angry in turn for the unfair insults directed against me, so Barefoot Kara told Barefoot Pantha to shut up. Barefoot Pantha then ran blindly from us in a rage in her panther form. The Barefoot Lady Bulleteer shouted for her to look out, but it was too late. Barefoot Pantha collided with the massive mutant that Kodiak was fighting called the Blob, and Barefoot Pantha foolishly knocked herself out. Frankenstein seemed very disturbed by Barefoot Pantha's bizarrely insane behavior, although he did not explain why. But we were soon to confront much more immediately dangerous matters. Magneto ordered the Brotherhood to attack all of us again, as he took an electronic remote control from the unconscious Koma, reactivated the fallen Synthoids transformed into liquid Terminators.

"Well," Magneto said, expecting nothing but triumph,
"This is going to be interesting."

"Yeah! Real interesting!" A loud booming voice behind him shouted. Night fell. Magneto was slammed from behind and sent flying into the growing darkness by Joe Fixit, who is in reality the Incredible Hulk. "It's about time the sun went down." Fixit said, "Banner was about to bail out on me and run, or else turn into Big Greenie." Wolverine approached Fixit, patted him on the back, saying "Good work, bub." to the Grey Hulk.

"This job had better pay.", Fixit said to Wolverine, "Seeing as how that night watchman job with the statues in the gallery was a bust. Turned out to be fakes. The statues were already stolen."
"Real shame. I worked there, too." Wolverine agreed.
"But let's can the small talk and do what we came here to do!"
Angel, Beast, and Barefoot Dust fell in the battle. The Barefoot Lady Bulleteer fought hard to save them. She succeeded. Cyclops blasted more Terminators, as Frankenstein, the Hulk, and I fought the Barefoot Lady TX. We destroyed the killer machine's beautiful barefoot female human facade revealing its true appearance.

"Beauty is nature's brag, and must be shown in courts, at feasts, and high solemnities, where most may wonder at the workmanship. But true beauty lies within, and there is no such beauty to be found here. In this conflict alone, we are certainly the farthest from being the ugly ones, Swamp Thing." Frankenstein stated.
Magneto now fought Wolverine. Magneto shouted, "Now it's time to pay for all the humilations you've heaped on me, Logan! I hope you have enjoyed your life because now it is over." Wolverine replied, "Go ahead, Bub! I've proven I can take what ya can dish out."
Then came the Iceman.

The Iceman, who had frozen several of the Terminators we fought, was upon Magneto before he knew it, and blasted him with a small ice storm. "Thanks fer settin him up, Drake. Now I'm takin' him down!" Wolverine attempted another attack, but a Terminator blasted him from behind. Magneto laughed. But then, he too was blasted down by a Terminator! "Why, Barefoot Sky?", he asked the TX. The two robots merged, and turned into Ultron!

"Humans. Mutants. All are inferior! All shall be slain by Ultron!"
"Magneto, I didn't do this!", the TX claimed.
"There is another force at Cyberdyne trying to control the robots.
A new entity similar to Skynet. It calls itself Ultron."
"Listen, Magneto. You're being played here! She can't control those things!" Wolverine warned.
"Silence, buffoon!", Magneto shouted, striking Wolverine away and tearing the Ultron apart. "There must be a glitch in the Synthoid Terminator program. My Barefoot Sky would never betray me!"
Thus distracted, the Barefoot Power Girl and the Barefoot Bulleteer launched their next assault on Magneto. He pushed the two powerful barefoot women away, only to get knocked down by a grenade blast cleverly delivered from the Barefoot Bride. I advanced on him and pummeled him with my powerful fists. He seemed too injured to rise now. I asked him to give it up.
"This fight is pointless... You are beaten... Do you... surrender?"
I asked slowly.
"NEVER!", he shouted defiantly. But this time he could not use the air particles against us. I had now removed all magnetic pulses from the surrounding air. But there was still plently left within his magnetic shielding. Still, we at last had him surrounded. Soon to defeat him.
Then Magneto regained his balance, rose to his feet and shouted, "Bah! It doesn't matter how many of you heroes there are! You shall perish at my hands!" Something small and black struck against him, then another. He looked down and saw two dead vampire bats, smashed upon impact with his magnetic shielding. Magneto's helmet suddenly flew from his head, soaring up to the attachment of a magnet placed beneath a descending helicopter. "Local Henchman!" the helmetless Magneto shouted, "You won't escape me this time." But the pilot of the helicopter held steady, as if waiting for something. Magneto was about to use his power to crash the helicopter, ignoring the danger of the suicidal vampire bats. He was attacked by a hoarde of them, as my Strike Force and the X-Men prevented the Barefoot TX and the Brotherhood from interfering. Magneto destroyed the last of the bats and looked up, his head and neck bare, to witness the sinister source of this sudden supernatural attack: The immortal living barefoot vampiress Barefoot Anita Santiago of Earth-H, the relentless and erotic Barefoot Vampirella!

Her barefoot latina toes curled agile over the rocks she perched on.
The sexy nude Barefoot Vampirella swiftly descended down to us.
Before Magneto could react, Barefoot Vampirella set upon him.

She bit him as her bats before had, while his guard was down, as he was previously directing all his power in a split-second attack to slay the rogue AIM agent Henchman, only to have Magneto find himself the victim of the barefoot vampress instead. While I still detest vampirism, I believe this wretchedly devious and untrustworthy barefoot vampress to be a warrior in some aspects of her occasional, seductively deceptive motivations. We turned our attention to the TX, as Barefoot Lady Oracle had already deactivated the Synthoids the TX had secretly turned into liquid Terminators without Koma's knowledge. The Brotherhood fell at last, Frankenstein helped Wolverine to bring down Sabretooth, the Barefoot Bride cut off Toad's mutant lashing tongue, and the others were soundly smashed by Fixit. Only the horrific TX machine remained standing before us.

It stared out at us threateningly. The battle raged on, as I attempted to penetrate and dismantle the killer machine's CPU. My plants only just reached the reactor coils before being vaporized. Not good enough. It was too dangerous to engage other elements. I would need the help of a shapeshifter. I called out to the Martian Manhunter. J'onn forced himself to stand and engaged in our effort. Kilowog held the TX firmly. J'onn could feel the fires burn him, but he did not give up. All he managed to do was deactivate the defense systems, not the TX itself. "Is it down?" Kilowog asked. "Only it's weaponry." I replied. Then Kilowog began to change. He shrank down into a small blue nude barefoot female mutant form. I knew why the GL didn't use the power ring. This was not Kilowog. He was never with us...

This Was The Barefoot Lady Mystique!

"Don't worry," she said, "I'm a genius at the work I do. I won't let this filthy machine ever hurt Magneto. We'll destroy it first. That's why I've done all of this. Using a Martian from another universe to bring about this fight, impersonating that other alien, fooling Koma into luring Magneto here, baiting your Strike Force to save the Martian and beat the Barefoot Lady TX. I am brilliant!" Then to our surprise, Barefoot Mystique reached inside of the TX's damaged head and shut it down. The machine Magneto had called Barefoot Sky fell limp to the ground, deactivated and ready to be disposed of.

"And that's how you defeat a Terminator!"
The Barefoot Lady Mystique then laughed.

Betrayed By The Heroes United!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Heroes, Villains, And The Call To Action!

Heroics, Villainy, And Events.
Everything I Need To Catch Up On From The Past Week.

It seems I have missed out on a lot this past week. Fortunately,
I have Barefoot Tefé to fill me in on what I've been missing:

re: Barefoot Tefé Holland wrote:

"Dad. I had a great time visiting you yesterday. Mom looks great. What an awesome perfect nude body sun tan she has! You've done her some real favors! Not only are you the best Dad in the world, Mom's put you in for best husband too. Out of sight! You guys rock."

"I love you both. I just can't say it to you enough. Believe it!"

"Anyway, here's the lowdown on what you've missed. Black Adam tried pulling one of his superhero airspace restrictions [strong-arming] fiascos again, this time on a couple of Green Lanterns who were after some loser called Evil Star who was hiding out in China. Adam had just signed some papers to get China's Great Ten superheroes under his wing. He chased the GLs to Russia, where the Rocket Reds pushed Adam to back off. And if that's not enough news for you,
then there's my favorite media idiot Booster Gold, and what happened with him earlier tonight."


"Booster Gold was nailed to the wall tonight by no less than that insane massive asshole "friend" of his-- Ralph Dibny-- who called Booster out on the carpet for his paying phony villains to chase down. Barefoot Cassie's stunt on that sleazy jerkwad Dibny finally gave him back his balls. I sure would hate to be Booster Gold right now. What a stupid joke Goldenboy turned out to be. Makes me glad to be in the high-end escort business so I don't have to deal with guys like this..."

"So what's Barefoot Poison Ivy been up to, ever since she hauled her
hot nude sexy green botanical ass back to Gotham, Dad? Well, I got
some e-mails from Barefoot Poison Ivy and Barefoot Harley Quinn:"

"They are such show-offs. Barefoot Ivy's still clueless, and Barefoot Harley's still a loony-toon. Nothing out of the ordinary here [at least for them]. They were surprised to have their latest gang bought out from under them by Harvey Dent in this huge police/crook payoff double-cross scam. You see, Dent isn't Two-Face anymore, and he's got to be running the show in Gotham now that the Batman and most of his Bat-Brigade followers have gone off to nowhere to get lives or something. Anyway, Barefoot Ivy's glad it happened. With Barefoot Harley run off to find the Joker to "get even" with Dent, Barefoot Ivy says she's going to concentrate on the really important stuff. No idea what you've started here, Dad. But we'll all find out soon, won't we? You know what happens whenever Barefoot Ivy gets Gotham concrete under her little sexy bare feet! She may be green and pretty, but when it comes to Barefoot Poison Ivy, you can only expect an itch!

Anyway, that's everything for last week while you were away on the island. Hope you enjoyed it. Love, Barefoot Tefé."

Now that I am caught up on current events, I'm feeling prepared to embark on tomorrow's mission. Yesterday, I took part in preparing a Strike Force with the timely assistance of Barefoot Lady Oracle. Barefoot Abby is proud of me, saying that I am going on a real super-hero mission. I will save the Martian Manhunter from his enemies. Tomorrow should prove to be an exciting but dangerous time. Compared to confrontations with my own enemies, this should be a walk in the park...

For now, Barefoot Abby and I are going to relax and have fun.
What better way to do so, than with our newest sexy polyamorous barefoot lady courtesan guest for the evening, the beautiful Barefoot Karen Starr, our most reliable friend-with-benefits?

"Hello, World!", she shouted proudly while she started to pose nude exquisitely for our digital cameras. Her fit sexy body definitely spoke for itself with her exciting and glamorous naked beauty.

Yes, lovely Barefoot Karen Starr, our loyal Barefoot Power Girl will do magnificently for our adventurous aquatic threesome party planned for tonight, with all the places at the resort and in the bayou where we can swim and make love to her underwater, below and above the surface. She's been needing this for such a long time, and Barefoot Abby and I are more than happy to take part. For now, it's time to get wet, to dive in and indulge in our naked passions. And tomorrow, as they say, is another day...

Strike Force: The Battle With Magneto.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day With My Family.

A Great Father Is Only As Good As His Barefoot Girl-Child...

Today I returned from my week-long romantic vacation with my beautiful barefoot wife, Barefoot Abby, to be reunited with our lovely barefoot daughter, Barefoot Tefé. I was so happy to see my beloved barefoot daughter had fully recovered from her injury sustained from our latest confrontation with our enemy King Toad, who is now my prisoner once more. She was in high spirits, wearing an exquisite selection of her traditional nude body jewelry, as she sang and pole danced beautifully for us. Talking with Barefoot Tefé, hearing for myself about how she felt about me as her father, the love and respect she held for me, all this made my concept of Father's Day a very good one. Our beautiful barefoot daughter means the world to us. I for one am so incredibly happy have her near me, to bask in my adoring barefoot girl-child's affection. This is going to be a busy week for me. I will not disappoint the always barefoot women in my life. I'm going to play hero and put everything to rights. Here in the swamp, in Houma, and with the Heroes: United. And then, hopefully, we shall always be as happy as we were today. For it is my family's loving hope and happiness that means everything to me.

Heroes, Villains, And The Call To Action!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Our Romantic Week-Long Gulf Island Getaway.

My Darling Sexy Nude Barefoot Wife, Barefoot Abby. She Is Still
The Most Sensually Beautiful Barefoot Lady In All The World...

The first day of our vacation was a most incredible and resoundingly
beautiful experience. Barefoot Abby awoke with the sunrise. We took
a luxurious swim together when the morning sun was at its highest.

Barefoot Abby loves to swim with the sea turtles, the manatees, and especially the dolphins. She dived in many times staying down as long as she could hold her breath underwater and played with the beautiful friendly dolphins. She's always been completely fascinated with them.

When we returned to the shore, Barefoot Abby was peaked from her morning exercise, singing to catch her breath, she lay her gorgeous nude body down in the sand to tan and soak up the sun. She keeps herself in excellent shape in her slowly-aging body. Once rested, she ran gracefully nude up and down the beach. To bathe the wet beach sand out of her beautiful long white hair, she plunged her perfectly-tanned nude body into the soothing ocean again for another long swim, and we made love underwater. Barefoot Abby takes such good care of herself. I'm most proud of her for this. There are a lot of things we wish to do during this week off. Barefoot Abby wants me to go off this weblog until the entry for Father's Day, just after the end of our vacation. Yes, I think this will indeed be most sufficient. When we return home, we shall have an enjoyable collection of the most beautiful memories of our time here.

This is the way things should always be. I'm extremely happy now.
For me, loving happiness has always been such a rare thing. I'll have
this beautiful experience with me always, and begin a much brighter
approach to life in my existence. Peace and love to all, my friends.

Father's Day With My Family.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Barefoot Abby: My Greatest Barefoot Lady Love.

Beautiful, Magnificent, Barefoot Abby.
She Comes Through For Me Once Again.

Barefoot Abby found me with Barefoot Poison Ivy asleep in my arms this morning. I could not speak to her. I simply didn't know what to say. I was so terrified of breaking my beautiful barefoot soulmate's heart. Yes, I also love Barefoot Poison Ivy now, that much is true. But Barefoot Pamela Isley is as nothing before Barefoot Abby Holland, my beloved and precious barefoot wife. There was a long silence between us. Then Barefoot Abby reported how Barefoot Tefé was out of the hospital and staying in bed over at Barefoot Zaina's house. Barefoot Tefé will be spending the week there, and she is going to be fine. The bump on the head my barefoot daughter took from King Toad was nothing serious. I was so happily relieved to hear this. Barefoot Poison Ivy awoke. She looked up nervously to Barefoot Abby. I took the picture above of Barefoot Abby as she told Barefoot Ivy to
"Make like a tree, and leave us alone for a while. Go climb one!"

Barefoot Ivy did so. I'm so glad there was no conflict at that point.
Barefoot Ivy left peaceably, but she did not stray too far from us.
I understood perfectly why Barefoot Poison Ivy would want to hear what we said, for this was a becoming a personal matter for all of us. Barefoot Abby said if I could accept her past with Jake Evans (and Don Reynard before him), then she can accept my occasional sexual consortiums with the Barefoot Black Orchid, and/or even with Barefoot Poison Ivy. I thanked Barefoot Abby for this, but swore my eternal devotion to her. She told me to save it for now. She asked where King Toad was. I said with Barefoot Poison Ivy's help, I'd managed to trackdown King Toad in the swamp last night, disarmed the monsters, imprisoning them in a new Prison Tree, stronger than the last. Woodrue will likely free them again eventually, so this measure is only temporary at best. Barefoot Abby's much more worried about Nerk and Sissy Bob who are probably not dead and still in hiding with their explosives, somewhere down beneath the streets of Houma. I agreed. I asked Barefoot Poison Ivy to rejoin us. She showed Barefoot Abby the box with the Mini-Woodrue. Barefoot Abby saw a horrifying vision from her past, when Woodrue tried to kill her with a chainsaw several years ago. Barefoot Abby freaked, and knocked the box from Barefoot Ivy's hand. It smashed against a nearby tree, and the little Woodrue escaped. Barefoot Poison Ivy's nude green body dived into the underbrush in futile pursuit, her red hair and green bare breasts bouncing. She came back to us upset at the loss of her tiny captive, but I told her it was all right. We've gotten all we can out of Woodrue at this time. King Toad is my prisoner again, or at least for now.

Barefoot Poison Ivy wanted to depart. Her beautiful nude green body was tensed, her hair decorated with leaves and bright flower petals.

She wanted to return to Gotham City and spend time with her beloved Barefoot Harley Quinn. Very well, I gave Barefoot Ivy permission to go. Before Barefoot Poison Ivy left us, she gestured to her favorite island retreat in the Gulf, insisting it would be a good place to relax for a time. I gratefully thanked Barefoot Ivy for everything she has done for me. She thanked me for helping to save her from herself. Barefoot Ivy said she will always be in my debt, before walking away. I took Barefoot Abby into my arms and asked if she would like to take a boat, or if she felt like swimming all the way to the island? Barefoot Abby said she wasn't sure if she wanted to go. I kissed my beautiful nude barefoot wife passionately. Barefoot Abby smiled. She was too tired to swim, and insisted we get a fast boat. We went to Jordan Schiller's cabin and asked him to persuade Tee-Tonti to take us out to the island on his boat. Schiller's only too happy to comply with our wishes. We have traveled on the boat tonight. The island was soon in our sight. Barefoot Abby happily plunged her gorgeous bejeweled sexy nude body into the water, swimming for shore. Tee-Tonti and I carried Barefoot Abby's food and supplies onto the beach and we built her a small shelter. He warned us about some problems with it being hurricane season. I told him that I'll protect Barefoot Abby from the elements. Especially at night. He told us to take care then. He'll return for us on Father's Day, so I can spend that time with Barefoot Tefé. Barefoot Abby and I sat there on the beach, while we watched as his boat disappeared into the darkness on this fine National Marriage Day. Barefoot Abby told me that she loved me. This vacation will be a great time for us. We'll make the most of it.
I love Barefoot Abby. She is my world.

And really, what more from sweet true love can anyone ask for?

Our Romantic Week-Long Gulf Island Getaway.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Barefoot Black Orchid: Feeling The Frustration.

Everything Continues To Change, As The Evolving Barefoot Suzy
Disapproves Of My Relationship With Barefoot Pamela Isley.

Barefoot Suzy has become rather upset with me... and the world,
in general. As the intense pressure comes at me from all places,
I suppose I will be faced with more scathing reactions such as this:

re: Barefoot Susan Linden-Thorne-Weems II wrote:

"Alec. In light of recent events I've tried to be patient in reaction to what is currently happening, I just have to say: HOW DARE YOU???? Of all people you have to get involved with, WHY does it have to be BAREFOOT POISON IVY? She tried to kill me in the Battle of Metropolis! I offered my hand in friendship and she practically bit it off. I will never understand where you see any goodness in her. Barefoot Pamela Isley is the most wretched, foulest, evil, insane, pathetic excuse for an elemental I've ever known. She's only deserving of a good mindwipe, not your understanding and respect! By rights, I should tell Barefoot Abby about this, but she has suffered through more than enough already. What we have had together comes with the blessings of necessity. What you've done with Barefoot Poison Ivy is inexcuseable. Don't think anything good will come of this. Barefoot Poison Ivy is just as corrupt as the Floronic Man, King Toad, and all of the rest. She may come in a pretty package, but a super-villain is still a super-villain. As for me, I'm still with Barefoot Valda and Rex at the blood-dome covering Riverrock. All we can do now is wait for the return of the Phantom Stranger and Barefoot Lady Witchfire, for all the good they'll do. This living nightmare shows no signs of changing. I have no intention of leaving. I won't abandon the Shadowpact, nor will I let the world ever forget about their sacrifice. Barefoot Lady Blackhawk stops by every few days to check on us. It's great to relax and bathe in one of the Blackhawk jet's hot tubs. Still, sometimes I can't stop crying..."

"I honestly hope Barefoot Abby and Barefoot Tefé end up leaving you to face King Toad alone. At this point, you really and truly deserve it. If you want Barefoot Poison Ivy so badly, then I guess you deserve each other. And if you think all I'm going to do is bash you in this letter, forget it. I've done some checking. Barefoot Tefé is going to be okay. She's not in a coma, but she will be laid up in the hospital for a week. Don't worry, she'll be fine. But you won't, if you keep wasting valuable time with Barefoot Poison Ivy. Do what is right, please! Sincerely yours, Barefoot Suzy."

I must admit to feeling divided about this. I certainly understand Barefoot Suzy's feelings in this matter and how she's been hurt. But I must continue to do what I feel I should, no matter what it costs me, even the friendship and trust of the Barefoot Black Orchid. Why must fate always be so cruel to me? Especially now, having to choose on this dreaded "Name Your Poison" Day.

Barefoot Abby: My Greatest Barefoot Lady Love.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Unexpected Help From Barefoot Poison Ivy.

Barefoot Pamela Isley: My Newest And Closest Friend?

Barefoot Poison Ivy finally talked to me today. Morning came, and I was still in agony from yesterday's depression. Finally, the thought of losing everything I have worked so very hard for overcame me. I sat down and cried in my pain most despairingly. This must have touched something emotionally in Barefoot Poison Ivy that is still Barefoot Pamela Isley, for she came over and asked me if it was a stupid question, or if she could help me? I put my arms around the sleek green beautiful nude body of Barefoot Poison Ivy, and I asked her to stay with me. She told me that she was so very sorry for what she tried to do to the Barefoot Black Orchid. She begged for my forgiveness. I told her if anyone needed forgiveness, then it was me. This whole situation with King Toad and Woodrue has gotten unspeakably out of hand. Barefoot Ivy then showed me what she had in her hand. A small wooden box. She opened it. Inside was one of the Mini-Woodrues, crazily singing it's bizarre little song.
She asked if this peace offering was going to be of any assistance?
I told her I was grateful, that now I could study the problem and hopefully find a solution. This made her happy.

Later this afternoon, I found her bathing her lovely nude body at the waterfall of the lagoon and joined her. We talked a lot about the problems we have had over the many years. Surprisingly, she had nothing to say about her insane lifestyle in Gotham City. Mostly she talked about her failures to find herself. The countless men and barefoot women she has destructively seduced over the years were merely her way for compensating for this. She's never been in a relationship where she was truly loved for being who she is. That is why she is so messed up, she explained. I told her that she's still Barefoot Pamela Isley, despite her chemical and biological changes, and the world needs to see that. When her mission as Barefoot Poison Ivy is finished, she said she will try to live again as Barefoot Pamela Isley in her current state, just as I continue to carry on as Alec Holland would for my barefoot wife, Barefoot Abby, even as I shall always exist as the Swamp Thing. Barefoot Ivy looked at me for long moments and told me that she loved me. I took her into my arms and kissed her. I told her this kiss was from Alec Holland to Barefoot Pamela Isley. As the Swamp Thing and Barefoot Poison Ivy, we have a hard long road ahead of us. She said she will try to be more like me. I hope she'll succeed in her quest to become a better person. With my love and support she will do exactly that. I only hope she finds the peace she seeks and someday abandons her otherwise destructive path. It's the only hope for Barefoot Poison Ivy.

The Barefoot Black Orchid: Feeling The Frustration.