Friday, June 09, 2006

Barefoot Abby: My Greatest Barefoot Lady Love.

Beautiful, Magnificent, Barefoot Abby.
She Comes Through For Me Once Again.

Barefoot Abby found me with Barefoot Poison Ivy asleep in my arms this morning. I could not speak to her. I simply didn't know what to say. I was so terrified of breaking my beautiful barefoot soulmate's heart. Yes, I also love Barefoot Poison Ivy now, that much is true. But Barefoot Pamela Isley is as nothing before Barefoot Abby Holland, my beloved and precious barefoot wife. There was a long silence between us. Then Barefoot Abby reported how Barefoot Tefé was out of the hospital and staying in bed over at Barefoot Zaina's house. Barefoot Tefé will be spending the week there, and she is going to be fine. The bump on the head my barefoot daughter took from King Toad was nothing serious. I was so happily relieved to hear this. Barefoot Poison Ivy awoke. She looked up nervously to Barefoot Abby. I took the picture above of Barefoot Abby as she told Barefoot Ivy to
"Make like a tree, and leave us alone for a while. Go climb one!"

Barefoot Ivy did so. I'm so glad there was no conflict at that point.
Barefoot Ivy left peaceably, but she did not stray too far from us.
I understood perfectly why Barefoot Poison Ivy would want to hear what we said, for this was a becoming a personal matter for all of us. Barefoot Abby said if I could accept her past with Jake Evans (and Don Reynard before him), then she can accept my occasional sexual consortiums with the Barefoot Black Orchid, and/or even with Barefoot Poison Ivy. I thanked Barefoot Abby for this, but swore my eternal devotion to her. She told me to save it for now. She asked where King Toad was. I said with Barefoot Poison Ivy's help, I'd managed to trackdown King Toad in the swamp last night, disarmed the monsters, imprisoning them in a new Prison Tree, stronger than the last. Woodrue will likely free them again eventually, so this measure is only temporary at best. Barefoot Abby's much more worried about Nerk and Sissy Bob who are probably not dead and still in hiding with their explosives, somewhere down beneath the streets of Houma. I agreed. I asked Barefoot Poison Ivy to rejoin us. She showed Barefoot Abby the box with the Mini-Woodrue. Barefoot Abby saw a horrifying vision from her past, when Woodrue tried to kill her with a chainsaw several years ago. Barefoot Abby freaked, and knocked the box from Barefoot Ivy's hand. It smashed against a nearby tree, and the little Woodrue escaped. Barefoot Poison Ivy's nude green body dived into the underbrush in futile pursuit, her red hair and green bare breasts bouncing. She came back to us upset at the loss of her tiny captive, but I told her it was all right. We've gotten all we can out of Woodrue at this time. King Toad is my prisoner again, or at least for now.

Barefoot Poison Ivy wanted to depart. Her beautiful nude green body was tensed, her hair decorated with leaves and bright flower petals.

She wanted to return to Gotham City and spend time with her beloved Barefoot Harley Quinn. Very well, I gave Barefoot Ivy permission to go. Before Barefoot Poison Ivy left us, she gestured to her favorite island retreat in the Gulf, insisting it would be a good place to relax for a time. I gratefully thanked Barefoot Ivy for everything she has done for me. She thanked me for helping to save her from herself. Barefoot Ivy said she will always be in my debt, before walking away. I took Barefoot Abby into my arms and asked if she would like to take a boat, or if she felt like swimming all the way to the island? Barefoot Abby said she wasn't sure if she wanted to go. I kissed my beautiful nude barefoot wife passionately. Barefoot Abby smiled. She was too tired to swim, and insisted we get a fast boat. We went to Jordan Schiller's cabin and asked him to persuade Tee-Tonti to take us out to the island on his boat. Schiller's only too happy to comply with our wishes. We have traveled on the boat tonight. The island was soon in our sight. Barefoot Abby happily plunged her gorgeous bejeweled sexy nude body into the water, swimming for shore. Tee-Tonti and I carried Barefoot Abby's food and supplies onto the beach and we built her a small shelter. He warned us about some problems with it being hurricane season. I told him that I'll protect Barefoot Abby from the elements. Especially at night. He told us to take care then. He'll return for us on Father's Day, so I can spend that time with Barefoot Tefé. Barefoot Abby and I sat there on the beach, while we watched as his boat disappeared into the darkness on this fine National Marriage Day. Barefoot Abby told me that she loved me. This vacation will be a great time for us. We'll make the most of it.
I love Barefoot Abby. She is my world.

And really, what more from sweet true love can anyone ask for?

Our Romantic Week-Long Gulf Island Getaway.


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