Friday, June 02, 2006

Team-Up With The Barefoot Birds Of Prey.

These Barefoot Women Are Ready To Take A Walk On The Wild Side!

As promised tonight, Barefoot Lady Oracle has sent four of her associates along with Barefoot Lady Blackhawk, the barefoot female warriors for justice known as the Barefoot Birds of Prey, to repay the debt owed to me in helping to save Houma from the great dangers threatened by the goblin King Toad and the plant elemental Woodrue. The Barefoot Black Canary [Barefoot Dinah Lance], the Barefoot Huntress [Barefoot Helena Wayne-Bertinelli], the Barefoot Lady Gypsy [Barefoot Cynthia Reynolds], and the Barefoot Lady Vixen [Barefoot Marilyn McCabe] feel the familiar soft cold mud underfoot of the Louisiana swamps between the fresh healthy splay of their athletic dirty-soled city-toughened toes of their well-pedicured feminine always bare feet, once more. Having met these fine brave beautiful barefoot women here before on Earth Day, it was clear that this time there would be no picnic. Barefoot Lady Oracle's agents stay at Barefoot Abby's house just outside of Houma, until this dire situation we have involved them in is resolved. Our connections to the superhero communtity are growing stronger, and this is how it should be. If we are to survive, we heroes must all stand together and face the dangers awaiting us head on!

The Barefoot Lady Gypsy: Is She Having Second Thoughts?


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