Monday, May 29, 2006

The Question: Seeking Answers.

Barefoot Renée Montoya. The Question's Daring New Partner!

I received an e-mail from the mysterious vigilante known as
the Question tonight that raises as many questions as it answers:

re: The Question wrote:

"When does it become practical to ask a monster, from where do
monsters come, Swamp Thing? This is the Question I ask of you
tonight. Gotham City: My partner Barefoot Renée Montoya was on a
stakeout when she beheld a large hulking figure enter the building
she was watching on my behalf. Barefoot Lady Detective Montoya
determined to followed the creature inside but was familiar enough
with the place from previous situations that two stealthy entrances
were best, one on the roof that I took, and a faster one underwater,
at which point she decided upon once she finally saw the creature.
She secured her gun in a waterproof holster, stripped herself nude
and she plunged herself into the murky bay, bravely swimming to the
underwater entrance. Once inside, she realized that she was being
followed by the Question. She went to turn on the lights, but she
wound up triggering another trap door, which she quickly avoided.
The creature threw a crate at her. Swift on her dirty-soled agile
always bare feet, she jumped out of the way, but was swatted aside
by the creature, losing her gun when her sleek nude body hit the
floor. The creature attacked the Question. I was saved when my
partner fatally shot the creature with one of the high-tech weapons
that was in the crate. So what was this creature? It certainly wasn't
Solomon Grundy, Killer Croc, or any other known quantity. Let this
be the Question that is set with you. Permit me to unvex you with
another Question. How does a creature such as the Floronic Man
escape you without being witnessed? Could it be this little problem
may not be as large as it seems? Consider these facts and questions
most carefully. Interpret them at your best discretion.
Inquisitively yours, The Question."

I have no idea what sort of new monsters have been unleashed upon
Gotham. However, this mention of Woodrue not being as large as
he seems has got me to thinking. Perhaps the Floronic Man may be
smaller now? Then he would have escaped with King Toad unseen!
Now I have an answer it seems. The only question remaining tonight
is if the Question and Barefoot Renée Montoya will be able to solve
the mysteries that clearly stand out before them...

Memorial Day Reunion.


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