Monday, May 22, 2006

Lex Luthor's Latest Deception.

Luthor Has Returned. And He's Up To His Old Tricks...

The Barefoot Black Orchid returned to STAR Labs for her check-up today, despite Barefoot Suzy's desire to continue investigating the Shadowpact's sudden disappearance. She was curious about the situation with the apparent death of "Lex Luthor", who we believe to the corpse of the divergent young Alex Luthor altered to become an exact double for the older Lex Luthor belonging to this Earth. The Barefoot Black Orchid was given a spectral examination of blue light.
To her great relief, she was given a clean bill of health.

After seeing her doctor, Barefoot Suzy lurked outside of the medical examining room to spy and await the results of the latest autopsy.
To her surprise, she was only to witness the true, living Luthor's arrival upon the scene...

re: Barefoot Susan Linden-Thorne-Weems II wrote:

"Alec, I was about to leave STAR Labs today and resume my search for the Shadowpact out west, when I heard important talk coming from the room where the alleged body of Lex Luthor was being examined. Sure enough, the identity of the body is indeed a sham. John Henry Irons, the man we know as Steel, discovered colored contact lenses. Now he knew the body was a fake. Yet, before he could actually do anything with this information, the real Lex Luthor came barging in with the press claiming that he was imprisoned in an alternate dimension, while this other Luthor went around pretending to be him, forming the Villains United Society, creating the OMACs, and nearly destroying the world. I barely had time to properly hide myself from all those people Luthor brought with him. The last thing I want is to be caught on film in a compromising situation such as this, unless it is of my own time and choosing. Fortunately, no one knew I was there, as I'd ducked behind a corner to hide myself just in time. Luckily, I was able to hear what was being said clearly, as the news programs would probably censor a lot of what was actually conversed. Luthor claimed he escaped during the Crisis which John Henry Irons can verify. John Henry has said nothing to refute this, so basically Luthor was cleared of everything on the spot! Anyway, that's what happened today. Now that he's no longer President, or a fugitive anymore, it looks like LexCorp is going to reopen. Lex Luthor is back in business. Oh, how I despise the man! The sooner I can get out of Metropolis, the better. Just thought you'd want to know about this. I'm going back to looking for ways to find or contact the Shadowpact, assuming they're still alive. I don't have time for involvement in this kind of situation. I hope Steel can manage to deal with all of this. He's the only one who can directly oppose Luthor, now that Superman is gone. Let's hope this isn't another disaster in the making.
Sincerely yours, Barefoot Suzy."

Lex Luthor is back in the game, and this time there may be no one left to stop him. As if the problems of this world were not frustrating enough...

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