Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Barefoot Black Orchid and Blue Devil: Together Again!

More Beautifully Erotic Than Ever Is The Barefoot Black Orchid.
Blue Devil Has Entered Her Provocatively Lustrous Life Once More.
Barefoot Suzy Is Passionately Reunited With Her Demonic Lover.
But Will This Time Their Relationship Last?

re: Barefoot Susan Linden-Thorne-Weems II wrote:

"Alec, It's been a few days since we've talked. I think your friends and family's valiant effort to save Houma is commendable. I wish I could come out and help you get the situation under control, but I'm still laid up here at STAR Labs Medical Research in Metropolis. It's been a difficult recovery, made worse by the horrible news about what's happening in Houma. I'm so afraid for all of you! Then there was all that racket I heard a few days back, Booster Gold kept shouting at the STAR techs about his intel-hover-droid Skeets being broken. Oh, and I can't believe they took Conner Kent out of his mausoleum in Smallville and put him in Superman's old tomb here in Metropolis so they could drum up another superhero ceremony for the press. Couldn't they let the poor soul rest in peace? As for me, I'm getter better I suppose. My appearance has changed since my last flower pod rest here. I'm still weak as anything, but at least now I can get around to feed and bathe myself. Still no steam emission from my eyes. But the air conditioning, the cooling showers, and taking in plenty of ice cold drinking water helps. The Shadowpact came to visit me too. How I've missed them all so much! Especially Blue Devil, we've hooked up again. Now I know this may be a mistake, it certainly was before. But I couldn't let this go without making sure. Daniel seems to really care for me, even if he won't commit to a relationship. He is still so insufferable about his independence. But he did say he was sorry about leaving me for Barefoot Lady Nightshade. He said neither Barefoot Lady Nightshade nor the Barefoot Enchantress [Daniel was dating Barefoot June long before this fling with Barefoot Eve!] hold any interest for him. He wants to be with me now. He says the other barefoot women in his life are being compromised by their own magic. Do I believe him? Should I even care? We're together again, and that's all that matters to me! We love each other, and despite his demonic faults, I can't bring myself to leave him. So we're going to try this merry-go-round one more time. All my best wishes go out to you. Keep the family safe. Love you so much as always, Barefoot Suzy."

re: Demon-Man Dan, Hell's Blue Devil-Man wrote:

"Swamp Thing. You're the boss of all of us. I'm serious. While stuck-up head honchos like the Phantom Stranger may be calling all the shots, it's guys like you that keep us going. I'm going to take better care of my barefoot babe, Barefoot Suzy this time out. Guess I got my serious conscience call when I saw that putz Booster Gold punch my favorite reporter Clark Kent in the nose [hell of a nice guy and good reporter, that Kent reminds me of somebody I know...], and I realized what an imbecile I've been with Barefoot Suzy. Leaving her for Barefoot Lady Nightshade. What was I thinking? Barefoot Eve Eden has nothing on Barefoot Suzy, I'm telling you now. I had to screw it all up and see it, if I ever wanted to learn to do things right. Shadowpact missions and life in general may take me away from Barefoot Suze for long periods of time, take it to heart my sexy barefoot girl has my loyalty. Will it last, you ask? Who cares? It's good enough to know in this messed-up world we try to be happy. I'm commiting to Barefoot Suzy, and no amount of hellfire or vampish seduction is going to stop me this time! We're made for each other. Barefoot Suzy's the best barefoot girlfriend I've ever had in years since fucking Barefoot Zatanna! It's destiny. I'll make her happy. Promise. Keep on fighting the good fight, Green God. Blue Devil."

Life is full of surprises. The Barefoot Orchid and the Devil are together again. Perhaps they will make it work this time. For the sake of my barefoot lady friend Barefoot Suzy's happiness let this turbulent relationship be a glorious success.

Barefoot Mother's Day Memories.


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