Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Hunt For King Toad.

I joined Tee-Tonti and five other Cajuns in the trackdown effort for King Toad this evening. The men's hunting dogs were quick to pick up the scent of the toad-like abominations. We chased the monsters into a clearing outside of town, where I could sense a trap. King Toad laughed and said he would never be taken prisoner again. The goblin had raided a still, and scattered large amounts of moonshine about the area, which was flammable and soon to bar our path. Taking a simple lit match, he managed to light the trees and foliage surrounding us, torching everything. We should not have left the truck unguarded, as it proved to be easy pickings of our enemies. The monsters rode off into Houma as the men were forced to give up the pursuit, drop their shotguns, and help me put out the fires. Again, King Toad has escaped. Only Woodrue could have helped him start those fires so easily. But where is the Floronic Man? These difficult questions are proving to be all the more dangerous as this deadly situation worsens for all of us.

Barefoot Abby and Barefoot Tefé: Back In Houma.


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