Monday, May 01, 2006

Small Talk With The Atom.

Ray Palmer, The Atom. A Hero Not To Be Overlooked...
Or Stepped On!

The Atom briefly returned today from his microscopic sojourn into the Micro-Cosmos. He arrived in St. Roch, a city near New Orleans, and then he came out to the bayou to talk with me. Barefoot Abby was also present for this unusual conversation, but she could not hear him clearly at his tiny size. Given my unique talents however, I could understand him perfectly. He came to provide me with invaluable information on how I could systematically defeat Jason Woodrue in battle without extending too much of my vast powers and therefore endangering the Green. He told me of how he'd stopped Woodrue from commencing the "Atom-Destruction of the Earth", and how vain Woodrue is, needing complete admiration or total fear to gain what he believes to be respect and power. I asked the Atom to accompany the Barefoot Black Orchid and myself to Metropolis, when the time is right. The Atom said he must return to Floria, the microscopic subkingdom that is located within the oceans of the Green, from which Woodrue originated. The Atom must protect the Barefoot Dryad Faerie Nymph named Barefoot Maya, former lover of Woodrue who is the Florian Barefoot May Queen of that realm, from Woodrue's insanely jealous persecution. The Atom said he cannot be two places at once, so he must leave the confrontation with Woodrue at the Battle of Metropolis to the rest of us. Before giving me a chance to even say good-bye, the Atom shrank down from our Earthly plane and back into the Microverse. I do not envy him, since my own perilous microscopic misadventures proved nearly catastrophic. Now I have what it takes to destroy the threat of the Floronic Man once and for all on this May Day. All that I await is the call to action.

Preparing For War.


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