Friday, April 21, 2006

Friends With Frankenstein.

I was walking to Jordan Schiller's cabin this afternoon with a cart of food and supplies for him when I encountered a strange sight. A tall, imposing figure was standing over the grave of Gregori Arcane--the Patchwork Man. I approached the giant, and he turned. This was the legendary Frankenstein Monster! He lowered his steam gun and said, "Hello, I'm here to pay respects to a fellow Grundyman before I go to face the Sheeda." I welcomed him, and asked him what he meant by "Grundyman?" There are things about the nature of Solomon Grundy and his kind even I was not aware of. Both the Frankenstein creation and the creature Gregori Arcane would later become were fueled with the blood of the species from which Solomon Grundy was derived. Like me, there were apparently others before him. We talked for quite a while before Schiller found us. Schiller said he'd met Frankenstein earlier in the day and they'd already become good friends. Quite hungry, the old man went for the cart I'd brought him, devouring the honey-spiced bread first, like he had no tomorrows left. He shared some of it with Frankenstein, though the large undead creature had little use for such food in his present state. The three of us talked about things that hadn't crossed my mind in many years, and new discoveries were made just listening to my strange companions. It was a most memorable occasion. Frankenstein said he'd tarried long enough, and said he had to go. Schiller told him to come back some time. He was short on friends and would gladly pass the time with Frankenstein and myself. Not one for good-byes, Frankenstein walked away. "Monster, indeed!" Schiller laughed.
I cannot help but think this meeting will stay with me for a very long time to come...

Earth Day Celebration.


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