Thursday, April 20, 2006

Barefoot Poison Ivy's Progress..

Lovely Barefoot Pamela Isley: There May Be Hope For Her Yet...

I accompanied Barefoot Poison Ivy on her nightly nude underwater swimming last evening, and took her into Bayou Lafourche. The shrimping boats had docked for the evening, as we could see when we surfaced. Barefoot Ivy asked what we were doing here in fishing waters. She wanted to reach her tiny island keep and get some rest.
I insisted we were here for a reason. I explained to Barefoot Ivy that there was a shrimp festival, last weekend. Our goal for the night was to attract as many new crawfish into the bayou as possible to help the fishermen replenish their supply and aid in their business. Barefoot Ivy pouted, insisting it was a waste our time and talents. She was only interested in serving to preserve the strength and wildlife of the Green. She argued that offshore drilling for oil will eventually destroy all of this in a few years, anyway. I asked that she be patiently cooperative, and follow me back down under the water. Grudgingly, she decided she had nothing else to do so she might as well follow my lead. We submerged and found an embankment of outlying algae. It was old, and festered with rancid refuse. If we could revive this natural resource, it would be an excellent feeding ground for the local shrimp population. I gestured to Barefoot Ivy to concentrate. As I dropped down to the floor to treat the salt bed, Barefoot Ivy maintained her graceful swimming motions above. Soon, the effects of her developing powers began to positively alternate the microscopic plant life as we so desired. Beadings of new algae burst from the crustings of the dead old. I adjusted the salt levels, the excess sprayed about me like a miniature winter snow globe. Barefoot Ivy swam her lovely green nude body swiftly to the surface again. I followed. Above, she asked what the point of this exercise was. This would have happened eventually, she said. I told her our actions concerning humanity and the environment must be deliberate. She must learn to be responsible for her actions if she ever wants to achieve the type of immunity from conflict I have obtained with the superhero community. Barefoot Ivy said her immunity to all natural toxins was more than enough for her.
I replied that she must look further than that, or else be trapped in the perpetual ignorance of her villainous reputation. She insisted her fellow villains never made such demands of her. I told her that clique was a wrongful one, because nothing she ever did amongst them was ever worthwhile. She may never be truly heroic, perhaps, though her past villainy can always be surpassed with all due selflessness.
I insisted Barefoot Ivy watch and observe the results of our good-intentioned efforts. We remained hidden in a glade nearby this morning, as the shrimp boats took to the waters.
Barefoot Ivy watched, still bored as the shimping proved bountiful. Her eyes widened as the routine continued as greater and greater amounts of unloading of nets took place. It was astoundingly profitable harvest. Shouts of the busy fishermen from accompanying shrimping boats attested to this fact. I put my hand on her shoulder and confirmed that she had done well. She said it didn't matter, they were just people and we could not control them in this way. I said by influencing destiny, we then will move mankind upon its proper course. This is the type of responsibility lesson Barefoot Poison Ivy must learn, if she is ever to confront the Batman righteously instead of wrongfully. Should she fail to ultimately learn this lesson, she will sadly remain nothing more than merely a barefoot villainess, and totally useless to the needs of the Green. Barefoot Tefé in her time of power came to understand these matters. Now it is Barefoot Ivy's turn to acquire this knowledge, extreme and tragic, in how late in the timing of it may be. Barefoot Ivy put her hands to her face, wiping away tears and stroking her hands back back over her slick wet red hair behind her sleek wide tall green bare forehead and ears. She had to admit it was incredible that she could have forgotten something so important. I told her it is remarkable she has recovered enough of herself to remember this. It is humanity that must serve the Green, it is merely our function to overseeing this spectacle will come to pass. Peace and prosperity is the way. Anything more or less is destructive. Barefoot Ivy held my hand and she thanked me for showing her this. I told her to go and get her daily rest. She smiled, stepped off the glade, she plunged her nude green body beneath the drink once more and she swam underwater on to her island retreat. Likewise, as I headed home I felt some good measure of relief. I believe now that Barefoot Poison Ivy will in time become as one with the Green, as she so desires it. The Batman will then someday find her a worthy and respected opponent. Or perhaps, she will change enough to become a benefit to everyone. On that day, the success of this time will truly shine though the Green, and the world!

Friends With Frankenstein.


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