Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Chimp On The Edge.

The Barefoot Black Orchid's new pet, and her latest learning experience.

Barefoot Suzy has reached an understanding with Detective Chimp, and her own newly acquired pet chimpanzee as well.

re: Barefoot Susan Linden-Thorne-Weems II wrote:

"I've made some progress with Detective Chimp, though the situation was not without great difficulty. Last evening, when everyone was out, I enjoyed a little free time dancing with my new pet chimp, whom I've named Anne Zee. Chimp came in, he heard me refer to my pet by name, and said I was being cute. He stepped out onto the balcony after it got dark. It was odd he would come in by himself, so then I put Anne to bed in her cage, and checked up on Chimp instead.
I didn't find him outside, at first, but to my right I found him on the narrow catwalk of the building's ledge! He said he was going to jump, and not to stop him. I asked if I could join him. He didn't say anything so I crawled out onto the narrow ledge and sat there by his side. He said he'd lived far too long and there wasn't anything left for him. I told him he was wrong about that. Chimp couldn't see the point of going on. He'd outgrown the chimp ways, abused the human ways, and his interests were null and void. What use was he now? I thanked him for saving the world. He asked what I meant by that. I said without him, the Shadowpact would never have formed. The Spectre would still be without a host, and no one would have stopped Eclipso. In effect, he saved us all. I told him the world still needs him and it would dishonor everyone who has fallen, to take his own life in this way. I asked him to please reconsider. He took my hand and I led him back inside to safety. He said I was a "real barefoot doll" for "pulling him out of his rut." He also said if I could forgive him for the toothpaste incident, he would let me off the hook in my due I owed him for his investigation of Blue Devil and Barefoot Lady Nightshade's affair. It was a deal. Now that we were friends, we talked for a while about our dead-end relationships. I realized Blue Devil isn't the one for me after all. Chimp thinks Anne Zee is cute, but he wouldn't want to string her along. I told him he could have her as a gift, there would be no commitments, save taking care of her properly as a simple pet. Chimp accepted, but he said he knew Barefoot Bo Derek, a wealthy famous aging barefoot actress Chimp worked with in a "Tarzan" film remake from his acting days several years ago. Today, she's an animal rights activist and owns a private zoo that would make a perfect home for Anne. I enthusiastically agreed to this, but asked where would this leave Chimp? He said he's going cold turkey as of today. He expects to fall off the wagon a few times, but someday he'll be clean. The Shadowpact is his family now, and he needs to start looking after them. We toasted this, over drinks of nice cold bottled spring water. He drank water. Now we're getting somewhere. He said tomorrow the Shadowpact has an announcement for me. But he's going to hear it first tonight. He rushed out to the Oblivion Bar before I could ask him what it was. Doesn't matter. I believe the Shadowpact will finally accept me as their seventh regular member. I'm so excited! I really hope this will come to pass. Perhaps love isn't as important as finding your place in this world. I'm happy, and that's what counts. Sincerely yours, Barefoot Suzy."

Barefoot Suzy's reconciliation with the Chimp and finding a proper home for her pet is heartwarming. But is the Barefoot Black Orchid truly going to join the Shadowpact? I suppose we shall find out the truth of this matter soon enough.

The Barefoot Black Orchid: The Shadowpact's Decision.


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