Monday, April 03, 2006

The Titans Tower.

The Barefoot Black Orchid struggled with a monumental decision tonight, whether or not to join Nightwing and Superboy on their mission to attempt to end the Infinite Crisis. By late evening, Barefoot Suzy left her boat and laptop behind. She managed to enter Titans Tower undetected, for its security systems were sidetracked, to carry out the Titans mission first and foremost. As Barefoot Suzy lurked out of sight, the two heroes made final preparations for their journey. As night fell, communications in the tower broke down, due to the storms wrought by the endless array of parallel Earths being destroyed in the night sky for all to see. Superboy carried a crystal given to him by Lex Luthor, as a means of allowing the Titans to trackdown Luthor's formidable young divergent counterpart. Barefoot Suzy almost revealed herself, when Nightwing mentioned to Superboy the communications failure a second time. Almost, but she did not. Barefoot Suzy overheard them make mention of the Titans reservists who fell in battle with Superboy-Prime, and how, if at all, they will be remembered. Superboy remarked how awesome the reality storm was becoming. Nightwing disagreed, expressing his worry. Now prepared, the heroes embarked upon the first leg of their dangerous crusade, without ever knowing the Barefoot Black Orchid was there, nor her forlorn desire to help them. Barefoot Suzy remains in the tower, at the current time. She sent me this report utilizing a spare laptop left behind by Barefoot Cassandra Sandsmark, the Barefoot Wonder Girl. The Barefoot Black Orchid means to repair the damages done to the tower's communications. It may make the difference that will mean life or death for these brave and bold young Titans.

Heroes United, And Confronting The Crisis Head On!


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