Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Heroes United, And Confronting The Crisis Head On!

The Barefoot Black Orchid received this image of Nightwing and Superboy today, from a spy satellite transmission at Titans Tower. The heroes should reach their destination by tomorrow morning. The Titans computer was then destroyed by the Brother Eye satellite, but the Barefoot Black Orchid escaped the explosion, then she braced her beautiful and powerful nude purple body and subsequently prevented a ceiling collapse. While Barefoot Suzy continued her work to seek out futile alternatives to restore communications capability for the Titans, she was received by the now-repowered Teen Titan, the Barefoot Wonder Girl. Barefoot Cassie Sandsmark was most considerate of Barefoot Suzy's actions, and the Barefoot Wonder Girl opted to bravely go after her fellow heroes, as was her place. Barefoot Suzy was informed by Barefoot Cassie that the Shadowpact was awaiting the Barefoot Orchid's return aboard her boat.
The Barefoot Black Orchid, as it turns out, would be needed for an entirely different purpose relating to the Infinite Crisis. After a lengthy and meaningful conversation about Conner Kent, to which Barefoot Cassie stated Barefoot Suzy's unexpected help for the young couple's relationship was invaluable, it was now time for Barefoot Suzy to at last leave Titans Tower. Finishing her invigorated flight back to her ship, the Shadowpact presented the Barefoot Black Orchid with the latest news: The Phantom Stranger and Barefoot Zatanna are preparing to invoke the Spectre at Stonehenge, and they will do so tomorrow. The Shadowpact is gathering as many mystically-adept heroes as possible, and the Barefoot Black Orchid must attend the large assembly. Barefoot Suzy fears for herself, and for the great many heroes that will be involved. She asked me to be present at Stonehenge, when it is time to manifest the Spectre, due to this dire dread. How could I refuse? In these trying times, we heroes must stick together. I will be there at Stonehenge tomorrow. Tonight, I will spend with Barefoot Abby at her house, and let us hope this great gathering of heroes that I will attend shall bring about a positive and final resolution.

A Crisis Most Considerable, With Tragedy Abounding.


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