Sunday, April 02, 2006

Conner Kent: A Hero of Our Time.

Barefoot Suzy finally received word back today from an online acquaintance, a young superhero with problems similar to her own-- Conner Kent, aka Superboy, who has had the opportunity to heal, not only his physical wounds, but his mental scars as well.

re: Conner Kent wrote:

"Dear Barefoot Black Orchid. Thanks for dropping me a line. It's good to know there's somebody else out there who's had to begin life as a clone, and cares enough to help a guy like me deal. Getting it all out in the open has really scored points with my barefoot girlfriend, Barefoot Cassie Sandsmark, aka the Barefoot Wonder Girl. You've been at this longer than I have and your essential advice really hit home for me. Since a compliment never dies, let me say you are a real upstanding barefoot lady for helping me out. I got to connect with Barefoot Cassie in a way I didn't think was going to be possible. Sometimes the good guy doesn't get the barefoot girl, no matter how much he deserves the happy ending. But hey, miracles happen, if you make them happen. So I worked up the nerve to ask Barefoot Cassie to spend the night with me, and yeah, we slept together! We even got the Kent family pool finished this morning, and you know blonde Barefoot Cassie's awesome, all wet with her bronze-tanned nude bod.
"Can I swim nude in just my bracelets in the pool today?" She asked.
"Of course you can. Dive on in, barefoot honey!" They said. She did.

She just went nude all day. Swimming. Working. Eating. Napping in my arms. And we loved it. Paradise Island's gone, but not sexy Barefoot Cassie's perfect nude tan.

She's a gorgeous Barefoot DemiGoddess of barefoot blonde beauty!

"OK, enough Olympian Barefoot DemiGoddess nude cheesecake, LOL. Barefoot Cassie loves you too. Excuse the lame-o internet humor. Anyway, everything's going fantastic for us now and I guess I owe it all to you. Telling me about how you overcame your own self-doubts boiled it down for me. You can't move forward with doubts and fears holding you back. They are just a reflex, part of your common sense. But you can always fight them off, with the right encouragement. Right on, I'm not ignoring the similarities here either. Lex Luthor is in both our stories, our pasts. Lex is a real pain in the ass, isn't he? Speaking of the voice of doom, I'm back at the tower with Nightwing. He wants to go at it again, hunting down the bad guy who's got Martian Manhunter, Barefoot Power Girl, Barefoot Lady Nightshade, Breach, Ray, and whoever else he's using to open up these parallel dimensions and bring those other Earths here. And mark this: I won't forget that other Superboy. I can't match him strength for strength, but there are other ways of dealing with him, too. I promise you, I won't be afraid. Whatever the problem, Nightwing and I will handle it. We'll win the day. No matter what. And if I don't make it back, please, let Barefoot Cassie know how much it was all worth it, okay? After all, she's immortal, and I'm not. Lots of luck, hope to meet you in person, someday. Thanks for giving me my personality back. In spades. Well done. All the best, love Conner Kent, Superboy."

Barefoot Suzy was very taken with this response. She now considers this young man and his young barefoot girlfriend to be close friends. She is concerned Nightwing and Superboy are walking into a trap, but as she has no Titans security clearance, her intrusion would be an impediment to Nightwing's overall plans. I feel it best to wait and see on this. After all, this is an issue of faith. In this instance, there is nothing more important in bringing an end to the crisis and all such horrors. With hope and the inner strength that can only come from true love, on this Great Lover's Day.

The Titans Tower.


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