Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Pleasant Night Alone With Barefoot Abby.

Our friends left us today. The Barefoot Black Orchid and Blue Devil are going to try to work on their relationship problems. Barefoot Abby assures them it is worth the time. When we were alone in Barefoot Abby's house, we shared a solemn moment. We have have been through a lot over the years to reach this stage in our lives. It is good to know we can inspire others with our experiences.

Never in her personality to dwell too often, Barefoot Abby took my hand and led me out the back door of her house. She took up the golf club in the clearing of her garden and positioned a ball before her beautiful always bare feet in the cold wet grass. After several swinging demonstrations she handed me the club and insisted that I give it a try. In my first swing, unfortunately, I underestimated my strength and broke the club in half. Undaunted, Barefoot Abby rushed into the house and came back out with a spare club to play with.
This time, she showed me how to handle the club properly. Still, I hit the ball rather hard and it bounced. Barefoot Abby lost track of it with her flashlight. I told her to observe in my direction:

My "Arcane" look. Don't try this at home, my friends...

We continued the practice session, and between further amusements, I progressed rather nicely. I learned how to strike the ball in the distance and direction I desired. Then she showed me how to putt the ball into it's hole. It was much like watching a bird build a nest. Barefoot Abby was very proud of my successful golf playing lesson. Detective Chimp had better watch out. For there's a new supernatural golf player in town. And now that I'm qualified, I intend to give him some extremely sporting competition next weekend.

A Force To Be Reckoned With...


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