Saturday, March 25, 2006

Playing Golf With Detective Chimp.

When It Comes To His Golf Playing,
Detective Chimp Doesn't Monkey Around...

Barefoot Abby, Barefoot Suzy and I were invited by Blue Devil and
Detective Chimp to come play golf with them today. It seemed like
an excellent idea. Barefoot Abby was thrilled to finally meet the Devil
and the Chimp after hearing so much about them from Barefoot Suzy.
The Chimp played an impressive first round, and he challenged
Barefoot Abby to surprass it. She gave it her best shot. Her lean
athletic nude body moved well-- her club striking the ball evenly.
"Hey. This is going to be so much fun." She said.

Barefoot Abby played an excellent game, but she still lost to the
Chimp. She was about to congratulate him for doing so well, but
he began to tease and taunt all of us with his golfing prowess,
which goaded Blue Devil and the Barefoot Black Orchid's egos
to no end, as he set out to make his next play.

Blue Devil was up next to the challenge. He was determined
to win this game. "No way I'm losing to the Chimp. Like Hell,
and I've been there. Bring it on!"

Despite Dan Cassidy's hard effort attempts, he too, lost to the
Chimp. Blue Devil was none to happy about it, as he'd made a
wager with the Chimp. Now it was looking like the talking
primate was about to carry the game home.

But then it came the Barefoot Black Orchid's turn. Barefoot Suzy
carefully positioned her beautiful nude purple body for each strike,
moderately surveying the distances with her steam-filled eyes.
She was dead-set upon winning this game to perfection.
"You want to play golf, Chimp. This is how you play it. Not with
words, but with actions."

Barefoot Suzy made a hole-in-one! It was game over for Detective
Chimp. "Next weekend," He insisted. the Barefoot Black Orchid and
Blue Devil were counting on it. Perhaps next time I shall have a play
of my own. It was a pleasurable diversion, though perhaps the
highlight of the day was this:

Barefoot Suzy's favorite past time. Flirting with Blue Devil.

Today was good fun. It is a sensation I am still getting used to,
thanks to Barefoot Abby and our interesting and entertaining friends.

A Pleasant Night Alone With Barefoot Abby.


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