Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Batman: The Dark Knight Denied.

The Batman visited the swamp tonight. His Batplane landed smoothly on the runway I had made for Barefoot Lady Blackhawk. He approached, his mask allowing his eyes to adjust perfectly to the darkness. The Batman asked if I was prepared to do my part in his quest to locate and destroy the Brother Eye satellite. He asked that I create a distraction, to allow his strike force to attack and disable the mechanism without casualties. Given consideration to Constantine's warnings against being involved in the Infinite Crisis, I outwardly refused. I wouldn't endanger the denizens of my community and environment for this reason. "Fair enough." he said, unsurprised by my refusal. He would have to contact the Checkmate organization to initiate his backup plan. He and his fellow heroes must put their plans on hold until then. Yet he seemed not at all upset by this denial, as if he has a new steadfast advantage and my cooperation would have put it into immediate effect if I had accepted his request. His willingness to accept the delay is also part of his strategy it seems. He departed without another word. Like Superman, he's now a changed man. I cannot help but wonder what the future holds for these heroes. Everything seems so different than it was before. Let's hope the Batman and his allies will be able to put an end to the dangers threatened by the OMAC Project, for that victory will bring them closer to ending this Infinite Crisis once and for all.

A Relatively Peaceful Night In The Swamp...


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