Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Barefoot Suzy's Startling Discovery.

Is The Barefoot Black Orchid's Lastest Report Too Incredible
To Be Believed? Or Is It Simply Too Painful To Accept?

Barefoot Suzy's had her confrontation with Cat-Man of the Secret Six.
The intelligence she's gained from Lex Luthor's erstwhile fugitive pawn, however, has yet to be confirmed, or the enormity of it, withstood.

re: Barefoot Susan Linden-Thorne-Weems II wrote:

"Thomas Blake, the Cat-Man, is one of the most frustrating people I've ever met. He forced me to track him halfway across Gotham before I finally caught up with him and subdued the paranoid sociopath. He tried to get me with his claws, but a few punches upside his stubborn head cured him of the ludicrous delusion he was going to escape from me. We were just lucky a patrol of OMACs didn't come along and fry the both of us, the way we were fighting out in the open like that! When I got Mr. Blake to listen to reason, we doubled back the way he was originally heading. Once we reached his hideout, Cat-Man was very down to business. He drew out a wad of large envelopes, all sealed together hastily with duct tape and cut them apart with his claws. Clearly these files had been stolen. He threw one of them down on the desk in right there front of me entitled "Barefoot Black Orchid" and ordered me to sit down and read it. At once, I recognized the old LexCorp logo at the top of the file. I knew this was not a record on my confirmed deceased identical older barefoot sister and adopted barefoot mother, who raised me. No, this was a complete file recording much of the secret history of the original costumed Barefoot Black Orchid, who may in fact have been the true Barefoot Susan Linden resurrected, rather than the first of a high class hybrid nymph manifestation leading to the existence of others such as myself. All of this is common knowledge to the both of us, Alec. But here's where sensibility leaves us: The story didn't end with her death at Sterling's brutal hands on Luthor's behest. No, the file supports the rumor that she did in fact fake her death and is still at large in this world! Even crazier, the original Barefoot Black Orchid and the Qwardian pocket dimension Earth expatriate Owlman of the Crime Syndicate were touted as former considerations for membership in Luthor's Secret Six, as a means of infiltrating Villain Society security and allowing Luthor to determine the identity of his false counterpart behind the existence of the Villains United. Cat-Man insists Luthor knows who his doppelganger is by now, but took off after the false Luthor on his own. What's more, when I insisted the original Barefoot Black Orchid couldn't possibly still be alive after all this time, as she would have found and cared for me, Cat-Man got really mad and slapped me across the face, knocking me out of my chair and onto the floor. He shouted at me, telling me I was a stupid-as-Hell follower of superheroes and their pathetic methods that ultimately lead to mindwipes, and that I should wake up and accept cold hard reality. He persists the first Barefoot Black Orchid is still out there to this day, running a different program in the event of having to fake her death all those years ago. Now she's doing things I couldn't possibly accept. So she rejected me, to continue her mission. She could be anyone now. Anywhere. Anytime. Doing anything... possibly, unspeakable things. In Barefoot Earth Mother Gaea's name, that's what he said! Cat-Man asked me what I think of "Justice" now? My answer, my bare right foot slammed solidly good and hard into his face, sent him flying across the room. That's exactly what he assumed would be my reaction, he commented, while nursing his swollen jaw aching from my kick. Before he left, I asked him: Why did he try to escape from me in the first place? He told me it's the Barefoot Catwoman's birthday, and he didn't want to be late for her party by wasting his time with me! Oh, the nerve of the man! He staggered outside and disappeared back to his insane and miserable fugitive life. Then I was alone and it all sank in... I'm scared. Honestly, I don't know if I can deal with this. I don't know if I want to. It would hurt me too much, if I learned this was true. I've been through more than enough already. I don't know if I can go on with this. I don't want to sound selfish, and it would break my heart completely to disappoint you, but this is something that I can't do. I'm sorry, but it's over for me. Please don't count on me for anything anymore. I love you and your family more than anything. But it's time for me to stop. I can't go on, not after seeing this. It hurts too much. Please take care and don't be afraid for me. I'll be fine, I hope. Always yours forever, Barefoot Suzy."

Is this too heavy a blow for Barefoot Suzy to withstand? Is the era of altruistic superheroism at its end? Is there to be no hope for any of us? All I know is that dear Barefoot Suzy needs me terribly, and I cannot let this suffering pass. She must not be alone. I should never have sent her away in such a vulnerable state. If anything bad ever happens to her because of all this, I will never forgive myself...
Some secrets need to stay buried, no matter what the cost.

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