Saturday, March 11, 2006

My Darling Barefoot Wife, Barefoot Abby.

Barefoot Abby was given enough privacy late today that I was able to visit her at the hospital. Her room was dark. I grew myself from the flowers there. I woke her gently from her afternoon nap. She was under heavy sedation, but she struggled her tired nude body to sit up. She pointed to the closet where her digital camera sat atop her other belongings. She told me to take a picture and hit "send" as it would transmit the image of her sitting on the bed to my laptop in the swamp. I was most grateful for this gift. She asked what brought me here. I told her I was worried about her, now that Barefoot Tefé had gone on her spring break vacation, there was no one to look after Barefoot Abby. She told me I was sweet for coming. I asked if she was all right? Barefoot Abby said she was feeling better. She said she will always love me unconditionally, but she wants the madness to end. I asked if she would leave me yet again... After an unsettling moment, Barefoot Abby said she'd never run away again. Whatever the problem, we must face it together. I'm always the one to keep her on her always barefoot toes. And that's the way always she likes it! We embraced. Barefoot Abby said she loved me more than ever, but it was time for me to leave. A barefoot lady nurse was about to enter. I took to the flowers and reset them as Barefoot Abby jumped into bed again. Now, I have a reason to celebrate this 50th post on this weblog! Barefoot Abby has always loved me through it all, and now I realize to my comfort that she always will.

Barefoot Naturist Cajun Couple With Class.


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