Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Farewell To A Barefoot Lady Friend.

The Barefoot Black Orchid. The Most Important, Loyal, Dependable Barefoot Lady Friend I Have. May We Meet Again Soon.

Barefoot Suzy and I returned to the bayou late last night. Barefoot Lady Blackhawk departed in her airplane in high spirits, saying she would always remember us. Barefoot Suzy is restored to full health. This morning, I insisted that she leave and not return for her own safety, as I would have to deal with the King Toad situation on my own, as well as the potential threat of Woodrue. She felt her place was dealing with some aspect of the Infinite Crisis, anyway.
She intends to seek out the fugitive Cat-Man, and learn if his "Mockingbird" is indeed our former enemy Lex Luthor. Dangerous though this move might be, it is preferable to the Villains United Society mass jailbreak rumored to us recently by Barefoot Poison Ivy. I told Barefoot Suzy I would not summon her again until the Infinite Crisis is over. However, she must stay in contact with Barefoot Abby and Barefoot Tefé, for her own peace of mind. She agreed to these terms. After a tearful goodbye, she set out into the world once more. Both Barefoot Abby and I will miss her, but I cannot let it distract me.
If Nerk and Bob are too elusive to be captured or destroyed for the duration of this crisis, then I must must confront the source of this atrocity. I'm going to take this wretched matter up with King Toad himself, where he stands subjugated at the Prison Tree.

King Toad: What A Load.


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