Monday, March 06, 2006

Miracle Mud.

Sweet Barefoot Suzy's Salvation Is At Hand...
All It Took Was Her Playful Indulgence
In A Special Mineral Mudbath To Heal Her!

Excellent news! We made our rendevous with our solution to Barefoot Suzy's sickness this morning. The materials I needed were situated around a spring. Perfect for what I had in mind: developing it into a hot springs mudbath. I asked Barefoot Lady Blackhawk to accompany Barefoot Suzy nude into the mud, as I would saturate too much of it into myself, and the minerals were precious. Barefoot Zinda Blake remarked that she hadn't done anything like this since she'd gotten stranded alone for two weeks on a deserted hot springs tropical isle in Borneo during the war, as she stripped off her uniform and at once as nude as Barefoot Suzy, escorted her into the basin of white mud. Barefoot Suzy was lowered down into and under the mud, instinctively drawing and holding her breath before going down completely under.
[immersion in mud requires this of her, unlike water submersion]
Barefoot Zinda looked over to the nearby lagoon to bathe. Her well-tanned and toned feminine nude body and pretty blonde hair slipped beneath the muddy ooze just as Barefoot Suzy had, suddenly dunking herself completely under quite accidentally and amusingly. Barefoot Zinda's sleek muddy head emerged in the mud with an excited "Oh, my God!" and a heathy feminine laugh. "Ooh! This feels so goddamn fucking good!", she said, "Really should have done this sooner! Nothing like this!" Smiling, her muddy hands stroked her beautiful sleek gleeming sticky slicked-back muddy hair and massaged her sexy muddy skin. Then she excitedly held her breath again and playfully dunked herself completely under the soothing warm mud several more times to fully appreciate the wonderfully hedonistic fun nude mudbathing experience. Barefoot Zinda enjoyed sharing Barefoot Suzy's luxurious healing mineral mudbath and lovingly remained at her side. They repeatedly dunked their beautiful nude bodies under the mud in recreation, as this picture of the muddy smiling face of Barefoot Zinda Blake having the pleasurably memorable best time of her life is clear:
Barefoot Lady Blackhawk.
This Barefoot Bird of Prey enjoys perfect mud in her nest.

The beautiful barefoot women are bathing one another in the lagoon under the waterfall of this secret safe haven as I type this. It seems we were most successful today. Barefoot Suzy is much stronger and saner now. I hope there can be a way to resolve the situation with loathsome King Toad's rotten offspring back home. I cannot permit Barefoot Suzy, Barefoot Abby, Barefoot Tefé or anyone else to be harmed by their treachery in Houma or the swamp again. Ah. Here come Barefoot Suzy and Barefoot Zinda from the lagoon. Nude, wet, clean and smiling barefoot women. How comforting, this sight. Barefoot Zinda has never felt so clean. Just wait until Barefoot Suzy and I give her a comfortable full nude body wax. Now, if only I could find a way to protect the remarkable people who inhabit my life, am I never to be satisfied? I would give anything to be as happy as they are, to put all worry on hold and just enjoy life between the conflicts. Today gave these fortunate, blessed, happy beautiful barefoot women the opportunity to do precisely that.

Farewell To A Barefoot Lady Friend.


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