Monday, February 27, 2006

Barefoot Lady Nightshade's Abduction and Memory Loss.

Will Uncovering What Really Happened To The
Barefoot Lady Nightshade Help To End The Infinite Crisis?

This evening I attended a mystic spellcasting at the Oblivion Bar. Barefoot June Moone, the Barefoot Enchantress has given me vital information as to the brief abduction of Barefoot Eve Eden, the Barefoot Lady Nightshade, by a young man whose description is now confirmed to be Alexander Luthor of Earth-3. Barefoot Eve remembers that her fellow captives were the Barefoot Power Girl (who is now on Earth-2), Martian Manhunter, Breach, the Barefoot Lady Quark, Black Adam, and the Ray. Also present was the version of Superboy who rampaged against a gathering of heroes recently in Smallville, Kansas on the same day Earth-2 was splintered away from our own reality. What the Barefoot Lady Nightshade was unable to remember--as she continued to lay bathing as her nude body floated in the water of the scrying pool that she had been fully submerged in when these visions had manifested themselves to us--is how she escaped and who rescued her. By the unusual way she was casually floating her slender nude body as she still lay in the mystical water, we could perceive that Barefoot Eve's personal vibrational field was unlocked, leaving her helpless when the young divergent Luthor decides to use her again. How frustrating. The Barefoot Lady Nightshade will be taken by him once more, and there's nothing the Shadowpact or I can do about it. It's just a matter of time.
I'll pass this information on to the Barefoot Black Orchid at the next opportunity. This knowledge has shown me something important:
I should never again doubt my instincts, nor quickly dismiss any further premonitions I or my family should have. One way or another, this Infinite Crisis should draw to a close promptly. And when it does, who knows what the consquences of this latest revelation shall be?

Today Is The Day Before Tomorrow.


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