Friday, February 24, 2006

The Woodrue Investigation Is Complete.

Should We Close The Book On Jason Woodrue?

Barefoot Suzy Is Back From Belle Reve Prison With Her Report...

re: Barefoot Susan Linden-Thorne-Weems II wrote:

"Alec, I have filed my report and I hope it is to your liking. After obtaining my security pass with pertaining papers and putting the finishing touches on my human disguise and my proper composition and pigmentation [Eyes were still violet in color, hence my wearing of tinted glasses] I was processed quickly under my DEO Agent alias and rushed into the viewing room of the interrogation center. Somewhat high tech situated, but still obsolete when comparison ratios to Blackgate, the Slab, Arkham, and other such security laden criminal-holding facilities are taken into account. Dr. Woodrue was placed in the cell under armed guards and I viewed him via the channel [per your suggested precautions]. He seemed stable, he waited patiently as the line of questioning through my dictation and reception was being prepared, as I could not communicate with him directly for your fear of my possible tipping him off as to my individual presence. I've tried to be as complete in my study as is pertinent. Here are the following results:

Does Dr. Woodrue remember Alec Holland, and is he aware of your family?

Yes. He has full recollection of you, and of your initial confrontation. In addition he knows all that followed in the intervening years.
He remembers Barefoot Abby, in her early encounters with him, concerning his proving of the discovery of your true nature as the most primary Earth Elemental. He remembers that his devastating attempts to harm humanity and all animal life is, by default, to do grevious harm to the Green. He recalls confronting the Cult of the Manhunters on humanity's behalf. He's not forgotten his oath of the New Guardians, and his eventual discarding of it, in turn disavowing his very acts of superheroism. He remembers standing helpless before you in your omnipotent phase. He remembers Barefoot Tefé, her captivity, her great power, her escape and attempted assassination of him. He recalls his second breakdown, the anger the Batman shown him at the breaking of his ties to the superhero community. He remembers his odd progenital arrangement with Barefoot Poison Ivy, how he promoted to her the creation of lower class hybrids, especially the short-lived Barefoot Ferak women, their personal "children", so to speak. He remembers being temporarily Jokerized, the splitting off of variant versions of Jason Woodrue, each carrying on a single aspect of his personality to a different location. That is to his full extent, which invites the next question:

What is it that he does not know, or he has forgotten/or been mindwiped from his memory?

Dr. Woodrue is unaware that Barefoot Tefé has been stripped of her powers during your confrontation with the now-vanished Sargon The Sorceror [who is now presumably exiled to the reformed Earth-2 dimension, and is not active as a factor at this time, by any rate].
Dr. Woodrue no longer recalls his association with the Wizard's Secret Society of Super-Villains. He has forgotten his long-standing friendship with the barefoot villainess, Barefoot Lady Star Sapphire, and how she detested his behavior/dark humor at times, her adverse reaction to his shrill laughter in particular. He knows not any of the secrets of the Justice League. He feels no reason whatsoever to distrust or to hate them. He doesn't even remember who Barefoot Zatanna is! He holds no grudges against Green Lantern or the Atom. He certainly has no animosity for the Swamp Thing. For him, the whole of his life as been a learning experience to influence this planet by setting a meaningful example. He seems to feel his life is being spiritually guided by the Green. He no longer questions anything of consquence. Even his imprisonment is part of some master plan he is never to know the full meaning of. Nor does he care. He truly is lobotomized fully as a creature of the Green can possibly become, when you get down to it. Barefoot Zatanna really did a number on him this time. Despite her rage in doing so, I think she finally did the job right. I think perhaps this all may turn out for the best.

I will be leaving the final evaluation to you. If there is going to be a massive widespread jailbreak by the Villains United Society hinted at by Barefoot Poison Ivy, I can't imagine Dr. Woodrue being a future danger to anyone. He's far beyond being a physical threat now. But it remains your decision on if we must take action in this instance. Very sincerely yours, Barefoot Suzy."

This report and my subsequently optimistic discussion with the Barefoot Black Orchid today has set my mind at ease. Woodrue is no longer the threat we believed of him. You cannot imagine what a relief this experience has turned out to be.

Barefoot Tefé On Parade With The Krewe of Barefoot Aphrodite.


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