Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Time For Our Contemplation and Careful Planning...

Barefoot Suzy's Down To Earth. As You Can See,
Now She Has Both Of Her Always Bare Feet Close To The Ground.

Barefoot Abby and I spent most of the day talking things over with the Barefoot Black Orchid, planning out our strategy, our next move. I admit to being distracted in my own thoughts when taking this picture of Barefoot Suzy. She jested that it is flattering to her that anyone would think her always bare feet would be so pretty. They certainly are beautiful. This put Barefoot Abby well at ease. I asked Barefoot Suzy if she was prepared to accept an assignment from me. She said it depended upon what the objective was. I informed both Barefoot Suzy and Barefoot Abby together as to the danger being posed by Jason Woodrue. Both of the barefoot women remained silent, waiting for me to continue, which was of good necessity. Barefoot Suzy was to enter Belle Reve penetentiary in disguise of paramount import, simply to spy on Woodrue directly without him recognizing her. No need to set him off prematurely. She agreed to this. Barefoot Abby and I, meanwhile, are to go to New Orleans and seek out Barefoot Zatanna, who is currently hosting performances of her stage act there to question her about the nature of the mindwipe she had subjected to Woodrue. Barefoot Abby does not trust mindwipes after our experience with Constantine's miserably failed attempt to graft our barefoot daughter, Barefoot Tefé into a normal life that was not her own. I asked that she give Barefoot Zatanna the benefit of the doubt. Barefoot Abby agreed and smiled, saying that at least she could enjoy a good magic show out of the deal. Barefoot Suzy was despondent about the need for a physical disguise, given the security measures at Belle Reve precluded the use of her nude purple body's pheromone manipulation. I assured my young barefoot lady colleague that I had every faith in her abilities and it is certainly time to do things the old fashioned way when a well-known enemy such as Woodrue is involved. She said if she learned anything she would let us know. Barefoot Abby and Barefoot Suzy plunged their beautiful nude bodies beneath the water and swam off to set out to make the preparations for our respective missions. If all goes well, this matter may soon be resolved for us. But then, affairs such as this always have a way of going to hell against us, now don't they?

Barefoot Zatanna: No Cooperation At All.


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