Thursday, February 16, 2006

Barefoot Suzy's Strength!

My Dearest Barefoot Lady Friend and Partner In The Green World...

The Barefoot Black Orchid returned to the swamp today.
Barefoot Suzy talked to me for a very long time. There is a great deal of wisdom she has learned from her recent experiences. She will continue her relationship with Blue Devil, but distance herself from any emotional attachments with him. She thinks dating others will be appropriate as well. For now she is happy to try new things and engage in simpler endeavors. Such as this nude postcard image which she recently modeled. Her self described "control freak" days are now behind her, she says proudly. She will now be more open and relaxed to other people. She won't try so hard to attempt to change things for the better. She only hurt or isolated herself by doing that, no matter extravagant the payoff of her past successes, she states it was not worth it in the long run. Her strength and sheer will power can now be channeled in more natural ways. Barefoot Suzy is the third and final Barefoot Black Orchid, but she will not let that fact cause her to lose her perspective and balance. Perhaps we can all learn something from this. I know I certainly have. It's good to see her come home. If only for a little while.

There's A Parade Tonight.


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