Sunday, February 12, 2006

Gorilla Grodd!

Damn This Dirty Ape.

Last evening, the Shadowpact camped out in Benson's Swamp.
The Barefoot Lady Nightshade struggled with Detective Chimp over a canteen he was favoring, convinced that it was filled with booze instead of water. The Chimp persisted it wasn't, he claimed he was just thirsty. Perturbed, Barefoot Lady Nightshade seized the flask from the talking ape. She threw it into the camp fire. Sure enough, it exploded: bowling everyone over in unison, most uncomfortably. Most tremendously it was a shock to everyone present here, to be sure. We put out the wild fires it started, lay all blame in the matter completely aside, and carried on. It was rather worrysome the Chimp was probably most drunk again, meaning we would have to wait for him to sober up before administering the healing waters. Ragman was convinced there was somebody following us, from some distance. I sensed it too, but could see nothing. Soon, as we reached the site, there was the problem that would occupy us for the next few hours: Gorilla Grodd and his ape troops. They wanted the secret location of the Grotto as well. As is often the case, attempts at peaceful negotiations failed. The Gorilla Army attacked. We fought back. There was a brief but memorable battle, in that the enemy fell in a complete rout with no casualties or any genuine harm. But Grodd persisted this matter was not finished. He would continue to spy on us and take what he wanted after we were gone. This was something I could not allow. I entered the Green, determined to bring the source of the spring temporarily to our present location, then divert it back, rendering it inaccessible thereafter. This proved relatively easier than I'd estimated. However, the plan backfired horribly. The Chimp was unable to drink, as a sinkhole came into place. The Shadowpact levitated to safety at higher ground. Sadly, the effort has proven useless, as my hasteful attempt at a solution thwarted not only our enemy, but ourselves as well. I have returned to Louisiana, having bid my new friends farewell. It was a most bittersweet interaction. One that I shall remember for some time to come. The Chimp will have to settle his own substance abuse problems for himself. Let us hope he will eventually rehabilitate. Perhaps the Shadowpact will find another solution that will produce more favorable results.

The Lovely Barefoot Liz Tremayne.


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