Friday, February 10, 2006

Barefoot Tefé's Tavern Lounge Triumph!

Barefoot Tefé's First Mud Wrestling Night!
Yes. That's My Barefoot Girl...

Barefoot Tefé is starting to find herself really well. Her barefoot girlfriends in the local youth barefoot lesbian community are coming together to enhance their interests. Her favorite sport now seems to be mud wrestling. If this is the case and it is keeping her entertained and experienced, I most heartily approve. Barefoot Tefé loves the mud, obviously. She always wanted to do this with her barefoot girlfriends.

re: Barefoot Tefé Holland wrote:

"Dad! I had a blast tonight. We Nude Bon Temps Lesbos Barefoot Girls finally got our act together and had ourselves a good old fashioned epic 4-hour nude mudwrestling match [my idea] and a group shower! Okay, it's clay and not real mud, more a mix of stuff to get that luscious wet sticky marshy muddy feeling, you know? It's more beautiful than real mud too. We loved it! The thunderstorm outside made it all the more fun when we got started. See how lit up I was at the start of round two? That was a lightning flash brighting up at the window. This new pic of me is now one of my favorites. I so rock! I've never been vain, but I think I'm gonna start. We've been laying down our cash together so long we even made tonight a competition. And guess who won? Guess! Barefoot Zaina won the whole deal, that's who! She was needing those dollars too, so I'm glad. She's so damned hot. I'm not kidding you. She had fun."

"See? The sexy mud bath/dunking makes her look even better!
I loved Barefoot Zaina's priceless reaction when she experienced the thrill of getting her face all good and muddy for the very first time, and her big ol' boobs and sexy cornrow braided locks looked great all gunged over and slinging mud. Once she got her game on, she got into it real fast and she won. Tonight was so much damn fun! I just finished showering off with all the other barefoot girls. Barefoot Zaina got clean and left first. I can leave whenever I want to, but I wanted to send you this. Crap! Look at the time. Well, I'm cleaned up, I have to get out of here. Mom must be going nuts at home. Promised her I wouldn't stay out too late tonight. Wish we had a stupid phone here. I forgot Mom's e-mail address, better go. It's dark out. Better head out in the night, slap some pavement and dirt trails with these barefoot toes of mine and get my nude butt home. It's not far. I'll take a safe route. Promise. Perception is reality, after all. I'm already making good time. After getting all muddy and taking a hot shower, getting outside nude wet and running on my always bare feet in this cool night air feels great. Gotta pick up the pace!

I'm so out of here. Gotta run. I'll be here tomorrow to work on the Mardi Gras stuff. It's pretty cool. Talk to you later, Barefoot Tefé."

Ah, Barefoot Tefé. Such fun she's having! It's good to know that Barefoot Tefé's well-being is in such good hands and doing well for herself. Especially now that business with Detective Chimp might take me out of the state for the weekend. I am feeling much more confident. Things are looking up for the Holland family.

Everglades Expedition With The Shadowpact.


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