Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Barefoot Black Orchid's Obsession...

Is Barefoot Suzy Succumbing To Demonic Devotion?

The Barefoot Black Orchid paid me another visit this morning. She told me she's going to follow the Barefoot Wonder Woman's example, to step down and quietly resign from ever executing her mission. Perplexed, I asked what she is planning to do, then? Barefoot Suzy said she is going to take a nude waitressing position at the Oblivion Bar. She is going to do it because it will give her the opportunity to work alongside Blue Devil, who is the employed bouncer/enforcer of the place's owner, Nightmaster. The Barefoot Orchid professed her love for the Devil. Barefoot Suzy dreams about him. She can never get him off her mind. She says she wants to marry him, to be his barefoot wife, to always be at his side. What was once simple infatuation has grown into a full blown obsession. Barefoot Suzy asked if I was angry or disappointed in her. I merely said that I was surprised she could come to such a decision so quickly. I told her that we will always be friends, and that I wish her the very best. Then Barefoot Suzy said she had to leave soon, for she is to attend Metamorpho's birthday party tonight. Barefoot Suzy knows Blue Devil will also be there. She cannot wait to see him again.

I can't help but wonder how all of this will turn out. Barefoot Suzy has sold off everything she inherited from her barefoot sister, the second Barefoot Black Orchid, in addition to all that she has subsequently worked for and earned. All the stock to her company, her houses, her gardens, her jungles, her islands, everything she owned is no longer hers, as of today. The huge amount of proceeds have been sent on to various environmental charities and special programs. Now, she has nothing but her hope for the devotion of a man whose reputation is questionable at best. How will the Blue Devil react to all of this? What if she has gotten this wrong? Will he come to reject her in favor of his lifestyle as a player? Is this all a huge mistake on Barefoot Suzy's part? Is she to regret doing this? Whatever happens, I will be there for her, if she should need me. What I think is this: The Barefoot Orchid has given the Devil his due. But will he do the same in return?

Somehow, I sincerely doubt this will turn out at all well.
And a tender hybrid heart will break! Poor Barefoot Suzy...

Monkey Business.


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