Saturday, February 04, 2006

A Wonderful Day For Swimming.

Smiling, Barefoot Tefé looked out over the water. She could see that the drop-off was steep and the water below clear, if a bit murky. Perfect for a dive. I lifted her nude body up into a standing position on my shoulders and she stood atop me, as I made the leap into the deep water. As we went, my barefoot daughter performed her own flip dive, off my back, plunging her angelic nude body and her swept-back long white hair into the slendorously soothing water with an elegant splash. I very much enjoyed this. She surfaced with a joyous laughter, it was good to hear. I asked if she would catch a spotted bass with only her bare hands, without benefit of a spear or net. Barefoot Tefé boasted that she could catch one with her teeth. I comfortingly stroked her bare shoulders, her slim waist, and her fair nude-tanned feminine bare buttocks with my great mossy hands, and told her she wouldn't have to go that far, just to swim down under the water. "Yeah. It's all about swimming, isn't it? Time to sink or swim, I guess!", she said. She took a deep breath, saturating her lungs with air, and she submerged her totally well-tanned lithe nude body again, allowing the cold water to flood her corneas, her sinuses, her ear canals, and she began her search... She surfaced her face repeatedly for air, growing more and more frustrated with her self-perceived weakness, the still-blackened dirty soles of her beautiful traditionally athletic always bare feet came up and kicked about impatiently at the surface of the water every time she dived her way back downward. She saw a redfish, but couldn't grab onto it. Her lovely limbs were already tiring. Was this difficulty due to the loss of her powers? I instructed her to be calm and focused. This was a recreational sport, there was no need to be emotional over it. Her regained endurance to swimming underwater would return. Determinedly, she dipped her face repeatedly beneath the water, took deeper breaths and down she went once more, proudly pushing her growing endurance and strength. This time she refused to come up for air. The fish was in her grasp. It slipped out. I barred the fish's escape with one hand. Then the fish returned to Barefoot Tefé's hand, where she seized it. Her breath almost gave out, as she swam to the surface with the fish in her hands. Gasping, she celebrated her little victory. I asked her how she would like to prepare it. She then stated that she was a vegetarian. Upon giving the bass a kiss, she let it go! We dove underwater again. We had a most enjoyable time swimming together. I sincerely hope next time Barefoot Abby will be able to join us. Barefoot Abby has always been such an excellent swimmer and diver in these deep lush exhilarating waters. Barefoot Tefé thanked me for helping her to regain her lost endurance. Swimming underwater has always been an important part of her life when she had her powers, just as much her pleasure to enjoy living her life as freely often nude and always barefoot. The sun gleamed on her wide tanned bare forehead and ears, and her shoulders, and especially brightly on her neatly slicked-back wet white hair. I placed a new flower in her shiny wet silvery white natural platinum blonde hair as she smiled at me. I still wish Barefoot Abby was here, beautifully swimming nude in the water together with us today.

Yes... Today was a day of precious memories, even if a mostly an uneventful one. Yet the sense that some things remain unresolved, as my barefoot daughter, the beautiful nude young barefoot lady, Barefoot Tefé happily sits nude and wet in her exquisite nude body jewelry, amidst a small feast of fruits and vegetables I've provided for her dinner. I'll find out what concerns my barefoot little one so.

There are hunters, fishermen, and Cajun familes about this area, but it matters little. If I can permit them to see me again, then anyone seeing Barefoot Tefé casually staying nude, her nude swimming and nude sunbathing every day is always a welcome sight. She is, who she is. Her appearance is her right, after all. Barefoot Abby and Barefoot Tefé being seen nude again will set a positive good influence once more, returning naturism and trust to the bayou, after all. It's most pleasing to see Barefoot Tefé comfortable and confident with herself and venturing out comfortably and naturally nude into these swamps once again. Besides, Barefoot Tefé's domestic immodesty and her hard-won pride can hardly make this family any more conspicuous than it already is... Barefoot Tefé will settle as a refined, peaceful, and influencial naturist, just like Barefoot Abby and Barefoot Suzy. Excellent. I'm so proud Barefoot Abby and Barefoot Tefé are such greatly experienced naturists. Being gracefully nude makes living in the bayou comfortable and easier for the beautiful barefoot women in my life throughout the year.

I always appreciate the wonders of nature. It is about time some of humanity began to embrace this as well. To be true to themselves and respectful of all other things. How beautifully natural and interesting...

Barefoot Abby. Poor Barefoot Abby...


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