Sunday, February 05, 2006

Barefoot Abby. Poor Barefoot Abby...

Barefoot Abby suffered a splitting headache due to the onset of
a migraine while on shift late last night. Her job can be extemely
stressful at times. She's undergoing chiropractic nude oil massages,
underwater watsu hydrotherapy sessions, and aquatic exercises to
help clear her head at a joint clinic in Metairie. She will be returning
to Houma in a few days. Barefoot Tefé and her barefoot girlfriend,
Barefoot Zaina are going into Metairie tonight to pay Barefoot Abby
a special surprise visit. She'll like that. I know Barefoot Abby will get
well soon. She'll soon be back in Houma doing what she does best:
helping people. It's selfish of me, but I do wish she could be here,
so that I could be looking after my beautiful Barefoot Abby, myself.

Today is Disaster Day, I should also add. I believe it's going to be
a headache for all of us. I am feeling very depressed now.
The sky is growing darkly cloudy, promising rain...

Bad Night For Barefoot Tefé.


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