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The Saga of The Swamp Thing: Chapter 2.

The Saga of The Swamp Thing: Chapter 2.
"Swamp Thing and The Prime Founding of The Parliament of Trees."

The Time: 425,000,000 B.C.
In response to the ravages of nature and time, the Earth called forth an elemental, an Erl-King, from the timestream as its spirit founder and protector. Traveling backward in time, the powerful Earth Elemental from the future known as the Swamp Thing (who was once the late 20th Century human scientist named Alec Holland) became this first spirit protector. When he first arrived on the new barren land, he felt lost. The Swamp Thing searched the Green and found no trace of the Parliament, no intelligence to guide him. He was alone on the same mantle of earth that he stood upon before moving back to this point in the past. The amber formation that had projected him into the past had yet to even exist now. And without it, he was trapped. There were too many puzzles, perplexing his thoughts. There was no one present to assist him, so he therefore decided to supplicate himself. He wondered what his mysterious elemental mentor Yggdrasil's true motives were. He sat down to think it all out.

Since the Parliament of Trees did not yet exist to counsel him, the Swamp Thing grew a vast brain to consider his options on how to create them. He wondered why Yggdrasil offered no explanation for how he acquired his prescient knowledge of him? With every image and occurrence available for reference in coming times, and to what use might Yggdrasil put it in shaping the future and his own fate? Might the Swamp Thing's journey backwards in time allow Yggdrasil to change the path of the future? Or was time unalterable, with each juncture fated, and history's actors parts in a machine, as a grand design? The Swamp Thing remembered that Yggdrasil called advance knowledge an enslavement, that their meeting in the future would be a re-enactment of a scene already produced. He wondered how the foreknowledge had goaded him down the preordained path in the direction that had led him to this. He wondered if his entire destiny, his whole life had been affected by this paradox? Pre-dating the time of Yggdrasil, the Swamp Thing considered selecting a new path, but all he cared for might become lost forever.

In conclusion, he ultimately realized he would guide the Earth's infant biosphere, for his destiny was now to spawn his own Erl-King lineage.

Using one of the seeds the Neanderthal shaman named Rheelai would give him in 38,000 B.C., the Swamp Thing made love to the eternal spirit of Barefoot Lady Gaea-Maya-Terra, the Barefoot-Mother-Earth, so that she birthed their Earth Elemental son Yggdrasil in a spot that would someday be called Earth's First Garden of Eden.

This elemental, shaped like a DNA strand, took it's original name from Alec Holland's knowledge of Norse mythology. Yggdrasil was the first elemental in a long line that would eventually be known as the Parliament of Trees.

The Swamp Thing completed his backward travels through time by planting Yggdrasil, the World-Tree, helping to establish the Green on Earth and the founding of the Parliament of Trees, by endowing them with his memories. For in first spawning the Parliament of Trees, Alec Holland passed down his memories to Yggdrasil, who in turn would pass them down to all of the other Founders who followed.
There were other Earth-Spirits who began to exist in the middle of this Silurian Period, this origin point of the earliest land plants, which allowed for the existence of various other primitive elemental spirit forms emerging from the Green and other dimensions.

The Barefoot Lady Gaea, as the Barefoot-Mother-Earth, desired shepherds to watch over her Earthen form, protecting her life-giving creations, the Barefoot-Nymph-Mother-Spirits. Barefoot Gaea allowed the creation of the First Erl-King Yggdrasil, for she knew this would lead to the eventual formation and the elemental legacy of the Parliament of Trees.


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