Friday, February 03, 2006

Greetings From The Bayou...

Welcome To Swamp Thing's Blog!


I am the Swamp Thing. Some know me as the creature who was
once Doctor Alec Holland. Some call me the Earth Elemental.
Cajun Folk call me the Good Gumbo Man. My friends call me Alec.
I'm aware at this time, that I am not as popular as I used to be.
My lovely barefoot lady magician friend, Barefoot Zatanna Zatara
suggests it's because I "lay low" for far too often. Too be honest,
I have not been myself for quite some time since. That situation
was remedied well, during my always beautiful barefoot wife, noted
ecologist and humanitarian Barefoot Abigail Arcane-Cable-Holland's
50th birthday, last December in 2005. My sweet Barefoot Abby and
I have had two months of time to think of what to do next, and
this is the result. It's my sincere hope that this weblog of my
thoughts will help me progress socially, as well as mentally.
God only knows, sitting around and vegetating for so many years
between many monstrous nightmares and heavenly fantasies haven't
helped my slow thinking process. This portable laptop computer
Barefoot Abby brought out to me is remarkable. Large keys for my
ponderous fingers, easy to understand it's workings. Even better,
as my slow stammering speech will not be a problem here with this
new weblog journal of mine. Even the digital camera is easy for me
to use. I asked Barefoot Abby where to start. She smiled and said,
"Why don't you take my picture?" So I did. Her nude body is lovely.
The stunning beauty of Barefoot Abby was perfectly captured in this
picture. Her big crisp blue eyes, her long naturally snow-white hair
with twin overlapping back streaks, the youthful appearance of the
porcelain-like features of the skin of her nude athletic lean figure
belying her age, and the sultry allure of her sexy nude body jewelry.

Barefoot Abby's connection to the Earth, and thus to me, is greatest
in the many sensations of her typically everyday always bare feet.
I empathically sense her vitality within the environment she stands
and walks forever gracefully barefoot upon her entire life, sustaining
her good health and alert awareness of the very ground beneath her
cool healthy fresh scentless dirty-soled beautiful always bare feet.

Some days, she just doesn't feel truly alive until she's felt the mud
and grass between naturally-splayed and perfectly fanned-out wide
spread of her typically healthy athletic always barefoot toes to feel
soothing ticklish caress of the ground naturally forever underfoot.
She just has to feel the earth between her barefoot toes every day.

Barefoot Abby is my strong healthy always-barefoot wife, after all...

Barefoot Abby is an excellent nude swimmer. She can hold her breath
swimming down deep underwater in record times, depths, distances.

Barefoot Abby has a great deal of repect for nature, both above and
below the water. The way she lives her life is inspirational. She has
a lot of experience traveling nude through the marshes. It's good to
have her back in the swamp and in my life again. Life in the bayou
had gotten quiet again in the wake of Hurricane Katrina last year
and the subsequent occurance caused by a release of random magic,
until recently. Last Wednesday morning, hours before the dawn,
I was alerted from a restful state by a disturbance in the Green.
Suddenly, I was assailed by images of Chemo's drop onto Bludhaven,
New Jersey. As if the Rock of Eternity exploding over nearby
Bludhaven's sister-Gotham City, New Jersey; last December,
precipating a formidable "Infinite Crisis" of sorts wasn't bad enough.
Superman came to that city's rescue, as always. He dealt successfully
with the Chemo situation, meaning once again I was off the hook,
so to speak, in my part of committing myself once again to the
sacrifices inherent in being an accessor to the ascendancy of
tremendous power. Still, just as soon as my thoughts settled down
once more by that afternoon, the biggest surprise of all came.
A tear in the fabric of reality took place, and one fifth of this
dimension's multi-faceted reality simply vanished. Or rather, a
schism in the netherworld of limbo took place, creating a parallel
dimension in which to withhold this missing 1/5 of our erstwhile
reality. Interestingly enough, most of the surviving membership of
the Justice Society of America are confirmed to have been displaced
to this second world thus created, a universe away, which for the
time being is now called "Earth-2." Which brings on a rather strange
sense of Deja Vu. No human disappeared to Earth-2 has been heard
from for a week. Disruptions in the Speed Force prevents remaining
heroes of this composite Earth-1 from Earth-2 sliding just yet.
Scientists in the superhuman community are baffled at the
possibility of three more realized Earth dimensions possibly being
unleashed, therefore leading to an infinite number of divergent
realities in total. However, let me assure you that anyone displaced
to Earth-2 is presumably living a simpler life than the one led on
this more complicated larger than life Earth that we live on.
Believe me. Having been the entire Earth incarnate once, I know!
At least now, I don't have to worry about Sargon coming back and
giving me any more trouble for the forseeable future. That just
about brings us up to date for the past week. Yesterday, on the
German Festival of the Groundhog as more popular human
ceremonies dub it as "Groundhog Day," it was when I felt the
passing of an all-too human barefoot female constituent of
the Green (once a barefoot female wielder of the powers of the
Barefoot Lady Thorn Spirit), as another breach in reality took place
at the center of the known universe. The Barefoot Lady Jade,
age 35, heroic emerald-hued barefoot daughter of the Golden Age
Green Lantern, had transcended her human form while on patrol in
that sector of space, at 6:00 A.M. Eastern Standard time, on
February 2nd. This expiration of human form can only be described
in mortal terms as death, however. Despite the uncertaintity of the
overall eventual outcome of her transformation leaves those in
mourning all the more sadder in Barefoot Lady Jade's absence from
the flesh and the breath of life. Barefoot Jennie-Lynn Hayden-Scott
is sorely missed and two worlds are poorer for her loss. A moment of
silence in respect for the beautiful Barefoot Lady Jade. (1970-2006)

"When a bold deed is done for our freedom,
through Barefoot Mother Earth's broad and aching nude bare breasts,
it runs a thrill of joy prophetic, trembling on from east to west.
And blessed be the tortured slave, wherever he waits and cowers.
Free at her eternally bare feet, he at last feels himself empowered.
His long wait for control now over, feels the soul within him climb,
to the awful verge of manhood in his life, as the energy sublime.
Of a century bursts full-blossomed, on the thorny stem of time."
- Poet James Russell Lowell.



Swamp Thing said...
Hello. Welcome new blogger, and thank you.

Next: Barefoot Lady Flower Power!


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