Friday, February 03, 2006

Barefoot Lady Flower Power!

Barefoot Suzy. The Barefoot Black Orchid III.
My Beautiful Nude Barefoot Lady Partner.

The Barefoot Black Orchid stopped by for a visit on her way south to Panama. We spent a pleasurable, profound, wonderful hour together. Barefoot Suzy [that's her favored nickname from her time growing up in the previous decade] She just flew in today on her way back from the clean-up business in Gotham and Bludhaven. My young barefoot protégée had a great deal to report, and she did so with grace and sincerity, making me feel welcome to be back in the saddle of my own responsibilities, so to speak. The barefoot girl has grown into quite the confident and capable young barefoot lady. A secure and strong barefoot superheroine in her own right, able to play her role very well, fitting neatly into any gathering of heroes. It is not often she is contacted, however. These days, a personage of her type is best advised to use absolute discretion. Particularly in these sensitive times. I welcomed Barefoot Suzy, taking her lithe nude purple body passionately into my arms. Barefoot Suzy is a dear, close barefoot consort. My beautiful barefoot wife, Barefoot Abby shares this open view and she approves of her, you'll understand. Someday, I hope all three of us will share an intimate experience together. She is certainly anxious for a barefoot feminine threesome in our marriage. Barefoot Abby and I both love and adore Barefoot Suzy so very much.

The beautiful nude Barefoot Black Orchid flew down towards me.
I took her sweet lithe nude purple body into my mossy arms, soon before her enduringly beautiful and perennially forever bare feet could even touch the swampy water and mud well beneath her forever-naked sweet supple always-barefoot spread purple toes.
We kissed some more... Barefoot Suzy has always been rather taken with me. I set her down, so that she could collect herself. She felt underfoot the soft nurturing mud oozing gently between her sensitive well-spread toes of her always bare feet, in the ankle-deep water in which she now stood absorbing nutrients from the life-giving waters, beautifully purple and naked, and always forever naturally barefoot. Sensing she was hungry, I offered her a few carrots, for today is National Carrot Day. She ate briefly and thanked me for the meal.

Barefoot Suzy folded her arms in her familiar way, her fingers massaging her naked purple shoulders. White misty steam ascended from her eyes, her silken purple hair floated entirely upwards in weightless fashion. Of all the nude dryad barefoot nymphs, the beautiful Barefoot Black Orchid is the most exciting.

Barefoot Suzy is certainly no exception. She has such a beautiful natural smile, passion, and sweetness about her. But now it was time to hear what it was, of what she wanted to inform me.

Barefoot Suzy had much to report. The 9th Age of Magic we have dwelled within is now over. Nabu, the rather most untrustworthy and arrogant Lord of Order is now dead. Killed in the guise of a hostless Doctor Fate, in battle with the Spectre. This completed the cycle, and now the Spectre is at present already inhabiting a new host in Gotham. The Barefoot Black Orchid also states that the Phantom Stranger recognizes the formation of a new Shadowpact, apparently he has seen many such gatherings in his considerable existence. One can only wonder at what precisely their next signifigance, if any, they will have. It is interesting to note is that Jim Rook, the Nightmaster, with whom I once held accquaintance, is their field leader.

I am also told that Jason Woodrue [the Floronic Man] and his Secret Society of Super-Villains were captured and mindwiped last December once more by Barefoot Zatanna shortly before the Justice League's break-up and dissolution. I remain uncertain where I stand in this mindwipe controversy. John Constantine and Barefoot Zatanna carry a great deal of responsibility upon all of this. Constantine's botched mindwipe of my barefoot daughter, Barefoot Tefé, forcing her into assuming the identity of the deceased teen Barefoot Mary Conway years ago and her tragic failure to maintain that role is proof enough of that. The Barefoot Black Orchid informs me that Barefoot Zatanna has removed her mindwipe of the Barefoot Catwoman, who violently attacked Barefoot Zatanna immediately thereafter. One can only wonder where either one of these barefoot women will go from here.

Barefoot Poison Ivy attempted a cure of her condition in Gotham City last summer. The Batman and his adversary Hush both falsely believe her to be dead, if the insane rumors are to be believed. Insanity is par for the course in Gotham, bother I to say it. However, as one might suspect, Barefoot Suzy has found evidence that Barefoot Ivy has indeed arisen very much alive and nude from her own makeshift grave in Robinson Park, killed yet again, and she has departed on her forever bare feet from that location for parts unknown, for with Barefoot Poison Ivy leaving no trace of herself behind, save only for the resilient forever naked footprints of her supple always bare feet. Remember, despite her beauty and charms, she is most dangerous to humans. If anyone sees Barefoot Poison Ivy, do not approach her and please let me know.

The Barefoot Black Orchid insists that the existence of the new cybornetic OMACs, the Spectre's now-halted rampage resulting in the spread of random magic, the space-time anomalies resulting in the war in space, and lastly the murderous Criminal Society of all Villains United, are all taking place for the same reason: a larger conspiracy causing this entire Crisis to take place. Barefoot Suzy suspects now our mutual old enemy, Lex Luthor is responsible, but she remains uncertain of this. I assured her to take heart, that she has done well, and that I am proud of her. And off she went. As her naked, purplish magenta attractive lithe nude body ascended to the winds once more and flew south over the hurricane-stricken gulf, I bid my sweet beautiful beloved sexy young nude barefoot lady hybrid consort superheroine partner a fond farewell until the next time we meet.

I cannot help but muse over her final revelation of the evening:


I had a promonition once. Upon bearing witness to another, younger Alexander Luthor. Incredibly, a one-year old man genetically engineered to succeed the Monitor. The young Luthor spoke dramatically of the coming Crisis to an assembly of heroes of which
I was part. I wonder if this recollection means something?

Is it possible that Alexander Luthor of Earth-3 could still exist, even if his respective reality does not? Could he be the one truly responsible for this... Infinite Crisis?

"To see the world in a grain of sand,
to see heaven in a wild nude flower,
to hold infinity in the palm of your hands,
is to know eternity for an hour."
- Poet William Blake.


Michael C. said...
I am so happy to hear of the Barefoot Black Orchid's report (through you). I've been fond of the Barefoot Black Orchid ever since her chronicles were reported by first Neil Gaiman, then in her own short-lived, but excellent chronicles. It's good to see Barefoot Suzy popping up from time to time and making her presence known quietly among the heroes.

Swamp Thing said...
I'm rather proud of Barefoot Suzy. She has gone from being the youngest [and last] of the three Barefoot Black Orchids to potentially becoming their finest. Will the Barefoot Black Orchid find her niche in the superhero pantheon? Only time will tell...

Beautiful Barefoot Tefé. My Pride and Joy.


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