Saturday, February 04, 2006

Beautiful Barefoot Tefé. My Pride and Joy.

Sweet Always Barefoot Child Of Mine...

Barefoot Tefé is out camping comforably nude in the swamp with me this weekend, while Barefoot Abby, who is also most well-experienced as she is of course, regularly and consistently always barefoot and healthy, proactively works a grueling three quarters shift at the noble Barefoot Women's Life Crisis Hotline, in addition to Barefoot Abby working and entertaining at her naturist resort's Brazilian waxing salons and nude health spas, as well as continuing with her modeling and the latest ecology awareness agendas. The beautiful barefoot women in my life, my family, have proceeded on with their lives, whilst I continue to grow reaffirmed to my own.

I cannot tell you how much Barefoot Tefé has needed this. She seems so aggitated and pensive, yet she always has smiles upon seeing me for the past month. Ever since the family realigned, things have begun to settle down. I only wish Barefoot Abby could be here as well.

Our Saturday diversion was most enjoyable. The midday weather was warm. Beautiful Barefoot Tefé arrived in the early afternoon. She had woke up this morning and ran gracefully nude from Barefoot Abby's house outside of Houma, happy to return here. It showed, I could tell. Her lips were dry, breaths slightly pressured into sighs, bare temples of her tall wide sleek bare feminine forehead beading sweat before her fully swept-back natural silvery white hair, muscles still tensed from the run, her already-blackened dirty soles and naturally wide-splayed dexterous supple toes of her lovely and healthy everyday forever typically always bare feet have toughened up nicely once more, due to her resilient rough morning mileage when she had run.

She stood by, dutifully. Seeing her unspoken desire for further sporting activity than merely her impressive record time barefoot race. Feelings best described with nostalgia, a need for refreshment and personal distraction, I offered to suggest our day's course to pass the time together in the way best requiring our attention. She hugged me, feeling my moss, flora overture, and root clusters. But saying nothing. Barefoot Tefé sat down on a set of tree stumps.
I told my once-estranged barefoot daughter that we might just go for a swim. Use it as an opportunity to reconcilate, a chance for her to unwind. I also mentioned that spotted bass redfish are ripe to be caught at this time of year. Swim-fishing! This made her grin. She once claimed to have caught one in her bare hands. Let's see her attempt to do it again, right here in the bayou where she was born.
A moment of silence. The worry in her face faded, giving way to a smile. She said great. A swim would be nice and refreshing. It would be a great way to cool off, she said, and her always-bare feet could use the comforting mud and water after all her constant running. "Oh, yeah! This is what I'm talking about!", she said. The slippery cold mud oozed comfortably between her wide-spread barefoot toes. The mud massaged the healthy beautiful soles of her tough and sensuous always bare feet. Some things about her never change.


Nate Hawthorne said...
Glad to hear Barefoot Tefé is doing well! Given the role John Constantine's rumored to have played in her conception, does he ever come around the bayou demanding access? Or has he been leaving you to gather moss in peace for once?

Swamp Thing said...
Welcome, and thanks for posting. Barefoot Tefé is starting to come along fine, as the next post will hopefully prove. Constantine hasn't been a problem these days. Not since that terrible "Bad Seed" crisis we had with Sargon nearly two years ago. And no, he isn't asking access to Barefoot Tefé as of yet. I should be thankful for that. However, last month Constantine dropped by for another reason. He asked for a small favor from me, concerning the very sad funeral of his barefoot sister. But for the most part, he has been staying away, minding his own business. I wonder how the massive change in the nature of magic is affecting him?

Randy said...
I don't really think this whole magic thing is effecting John. Because he doesnt really have to use it that often. He more or less uses trickery to get what he wants. And with the state of mind he's in at the moment. I don't think he would visit Barefoot Tefé. He's probably more into getting drunk off his ass in pubs, smoking 36 packs a day.

Swamp Thing said...
You're probably right about Constantine. Given his falling out with his barefoot niece, Barefoot Gemma Masters, and the tragic death of his barefoot sister, Barefoot Cheryl, and his conflict with his other offspring. I believe he is most likely to distance himself from Barefoot Tefé for quite some time to come, leaving her to the
loving care of Barefoot Abby and myself.

A Wonderful Day For Swimming.


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