Sunday, February 05, 2006

Bad Night For Barefoot Tefé.

Barefoot Tefé sent me an e-mail, earlier tonight:

re: Barefoot Tefé Holland wrote:

"This whole fatigue overkill headache thing with Mom is totally bogus. If anyone can help out in talking down a suicidal battered barefoot housewife to get help, or getting another scared barefoot girl who's just been gangbanged all to hell into going to the hospital, it's Mom. But I still think she's going overboard on this job. It's really imposing on us!!! Just because she's dumb enough to get overworked and won't go off the clock and get some sleep, it can't mean she has the right to take it all out on me. She kicked me out, just as soon as we got there, saying Barefoot Zaina and I should both be getting ready for school tomorrow. Why do I bother sometimes? So utterly pissed off at her is what I am! As if I didn't get enough from Mom, then Barefoot Zaina started bitching, too! Barefoot Zaina griped about everything. Barefoot Zaina hated driving Barefoot Columbia's car so far out of town in the dark. She didn't like walking around barefoot in the dark tonight so many times, either. Worried she might step on something she'd normally avoid. Nonsense. I could see just fine, and we didn't have any problems at all. We're both smart people. She really needs to stop worrying about these little things, get out more at night and feel the gravel between the natural spread of her dirty little barefoot toes more often and never worry about it. It's always perfectly safe to be out barefooting at night as long as you're actually aware of the ground ahead of you first, just as safe as we always have been. Guess she's a day person. Barefoot Zaina needs more confidence about heading out barefoot after dark, instead of just crashing at her place early and doing her mushroom thing all night, so we'll be going outside more often every night, just so she'll learn how to walk around on her always bare feet after dark well enough. We'll make our nights as fun as our days together. Barefooting is just as important a skill as swimming, and knowing where and when to swim, or when to stay out of the water. Anyway, I'm coming back. Mom should have been a hell of a lot nicer to me tonight. I got my Brazilian-waxed-clean (okay, laser-clean) feminine nude ass out of a nice good bubbling hot jacuzzi, for this? I'm sure as hell not going to school tomorrow. Screw that. See you soon, Dad. Love, Barefoot Tefé."

As I expected, a typical Disaster Day. As always, frustration abounds in the Holland family. It can truly be said: the more things change, the more they forever stay the same.

My Pal, Jordan Schiller.


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