Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Barefoot Abby's Recovery Is Complete.

Always Wonderful Beautiful Barefoot Abby...

To my great relief, Barefoot Abby is coming home to Houma today from her stay at Metairie Chiropratic for her suffering of a stess-induced intense migraine due to rigorous work hours overextension.
She sent me an e-mail, informing me that her progress is complete and she will be arriving soon:

re: Barefoot Abigail Arcane-Cable-Holland wrote:

"Dear Alec, I'm doing fine and I'll be coming home today. The head and neck massage therapy I've been getting has been wonderful. As you can see from the pic I've sent you, I've been swimming today! Good workouts in the water clear your head of pressure if you use the right technique. It's a good thing I take such good care of myself. It's National Barefoot Girls And Barefoot Women In Sports Day, after all. Taking in the right foods and dietary supliments, living well always barefoot all year-around, regularly meditating, excercising, and sleeping well. Because staying fit helps me out in my self-healing you understand. Nice nude swim today. Felt great. Received some nice compliments about my fine white hair, my sleek forehead, my lean slim nude figure and all my stylish nude body jewelry. I inspired all the other barefoot ladies I've converted to naturism. Now they're all perfectly Brazilian-waxed and will just go outside and tan nude and swim au-naturel whenever they want. Good for them! Our Louisiana nude recreation spas can never have enough affiliates, so I'm proud to say Metairie is joining our spas! After all, it's taken me years to win over Houma as a naturist destination, so it's good to make such a good dent in Metairie this week. And speaking of all the nice barefoot ladies I've met here... They say I'm charismatic and smart, and I should start my own nude family health club. Well, maybe someday. I work hard enough managing all my naturist resort's salons, pools, and spas already! But you know, I'm really sorry about this. Hope I didn't worry you. At 50 years of age, do I look that old? I know better than to put in such ridiculous hours of work, but the place I work at is understaffed. That's the problem. When any everyday barefoot woman who's been taken serious advantage of, or brutally beaten and raped, is ready to talk, you have to listen to her. Listening, caring, responding--makes all the difference. No matter how long it takes or how stressful it is. I know now that I can't do all the work myself. I'll start up a recruitment drive or something if I have to, I don't know yet. I'm just sorry it came to this. I know Barefoot Tefé is really steamed at me right now for putting her off the other night. I'm sorry. I had no right to do that. But I'll make it up to her somehow, I promise. I'm just glad you have her back in the water, swimming and diving all the time again. That's good for her. Anyway, I'm coming home and things will get better for us. Good news is, I'm on vacation with pay (though some of it's already been deducted to take care of my M.C. treatment). I report back to work the night shift on March 1st. With some luck, that night will be peaceful enough for me and I can just get back into the swing of things. I really hope so. For now, I'm just going to get some rest and try to concentrate on making us happy. Hope you're having fun with your new laptop. It must be a mess by now, you having it outdoors all the time, on you or inside you. I'll clean it up for you when I get back. Just try not to lose it, okay? And don't break the digital camera. I'll ride my bicycle as fast as my always bare feet can pedal, lock it up at the house, then I'll hit the nude hiker's trail and come running out on my always bare feet to the lake to be with you, before you know it. Can't wait to be back in your arms again, out there swimming in the bayou, just nude and free-spirited, making love to you! It'll be just like the good old days. I'll be loving you for the rest of my life. Love, Barefoot Abby."

There is no one in this world like my beaufiful barefoot wife, Barefoot Abby. She's so caring and sweet. I am blessed to have her as my barefoot lady soulmate.

The Dire Threat of OMAC Attacks.


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