Thursday, February 09, 2006

An Engagement of Gothamites.

Will Dick Grayson And Barefoot Barbara Gordon Tie The Knot?

Barefoot Abby informed me of some splendid news this morning. Yesterday evening, during a rendevous at an airport outside of Gotham City, one ex-police officer and former carnival owner Richard Grayson [adopted ward of millionaire businessman Bruce Wayne] and computer software designer Barefoot Barbara Gordon [barefoot daughter of retired police commissioner James Gordon] were engaged to be married, after several years of setbacks in their relationship. While Barefoot Abby has never met Grayson, she remembers Barefoot Barbara fondly. They were first introduced by then-Commissioner Gordon. Later, after a tragic shooting which left Barefoot Barbara a parapalegic, Barefoot Abby spent a month working in Gotham General as Barefoot Barbara's nude watsu massage underwater aquatic physical therapist. These early extensive gymnastic swimming exercises by the barefoot women were a valiant, yet forelorn effort. As Barefoot Barbara studied the situation, she decided it futile, and opted for a monthly leg muscle electrostimulation program instead, if only to prevent atrophy. Still, a friendship was forged, although the beautiful barefoot women have been out of touch for quite some time until now. Barefoot Barbara's rather wealthy and well off now, running a successful software network business chain, which designed my laptop and made this blog possible. Although she remains in a wheelchair, her health and well-being have improved tremendously. She has movement in her barefoot toes also, only after a experiencing a medical emergency last summer. All of this news excites Barefoot Abby to no end, and she cannot await the issuing of her invitation to the as-yet-unscheduled wedding. Of course I will not attend myself, as there is no seeming tie to the superhero community here. However, I will send some beautiful flowers along with Barefoot Abby to the celebration. Grayson has some unfinished business of an undisclosed nature first, but it should be wrapped up soon, allowing a date for the ceremony. It warms my heart to see such bliss, following the chaos that has taken place in Gotham and Bludhaven. There is indeed life after crisis. I wish this striking, unique couple the best of happiness.

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