Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Barefoot Wonder Woman, A Beautiful Barefoot Amazon Princess In Need of Our Friendship and Hope.

Barefoot Abby was visited by Barefoot Diana, the beautiful
Barefoot Amazon Princess of Themyscira this morning.
Just as Constantine had predicted.

re: Barefoot Abigail Arcane-Cable-Holland wrote:

"The Barefoot Wonder Woman was just here! Barefoot Diana got here just after Barefoot Tefé had left for school. I was outside, just sitting there nude, meditating and attending to my gardening. The first time I looked up, there she was. She stood so strong and tall in her one-piece costume, standing firmly on her always bare feet, right on my front porch! She didn't see me and was about to knock. I took this shot of her with my digital camera. She almost bolted, seemed ready to fly off. She looked really nervous and confused for some reason. I asked if I could help her. She asked for my permission to visit you. I offered to take her straight to you, but she said she changed her mind. I begged her to come inside so we could talk. She told me she knew about my line of work and felt comfortable talking with me. It was really nice to see her nude for a while. What a fit statuesque body she has! No tan lines at all from under her sexy little costume, so she must spend all of her free time nude in the sun. All the lingering scars on her skin from her last battle with the OMACs were healing and disappearing before my eyes. She didn't need any medical treatment at all. Now that's impressive. Pleased to see she was okay, I asked to take another picture. She nodded approvingly.
"Hola! Blessings, barefoot sister.", she said, as I took her picture.

Isn't she lovely? A sentimental nude-shot keepsake is always so nice! As for her well-being, I took good care of her. First I bathed her always bare feet, then I washed her dark hair and slicked it all back nice and neat with botanical conditioners, and I provided her a full nude body massage to help her feel more relaxed. She couldn't thank me enough! We went outside and did some yoga. It started to rain, and it felt good, so we sat in lotus-position and meditated. The cold rain showered gently over our relaxed nude feminine bodies. Once she relaxed completely, she stroked back her dark wet glossy-slick hair, she shifted and spread out her fingers and her always-barefoot toes in the wet grass, and she started to openly tell me of her problems. Barefoot Diana confessed to her guilt in the manslaughter of Maxwell Lord. She explained Superman's involvement, how the only way to save him was to kill Max Lord. She had no other choice. And then there's the matter of Brother Eye and its OMAC creatures. The Olympians took Themyscira the Paradise Island away to save the Barefoot Amazon race. Now Barefoot Diana's the only one we have left. Without the Justice League, she has nobody left she could turn to. Not really. We held hands and commiserated for a bit. She said I'm as brave in the face of danger as she is. Me! As if I could ever have that kind of courage. I really wish she had been willing to see you, but she didn't want to face the temptation of taking advantage, by asking for your help. She swears she will end this Crisis without outside assistance, even if she has to do it alone. We held hands, walked out by the water, and we went swimming together. I begged her to stay with me, to reconsider. She smiled at me, thanked me for my kindness, and we went back to the house. She put back on her skimpy outfit, tiara, and magic lasso. It was time for her to go.

She has other places to be, to prepare for her ordeal, whatever it may be. I gave her a sack with some apples, oranges and grapes for her trip. Barefoot Diana blessed me, kissed me on the forehead and told me to have faith as she was about to soar off into the sky. I told her to do the same. There's a lot more, but that's all the gist of it. She needs help, Alec. What do we do? Love, Barefoot Abby."

There's not a great deal we can do for the Barefoot Wonder Woman
at the moment. I will stand with Barefoot Diana should the imminent
need arise and help her through this, if possible, I promise you that.

An Engagement of Gothamites.


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