Monday, February 13, 2006

Barefoot Tefé's Troubles.

A Young Barefoot Female Soul In Angst.

Barefoot Tefé is crying. She is very troubled and has hurt feelings tonight. Barefoot Tefé wants to move away with Barefoot Zaina, so the barefoot girls can be a strong couple like the barefoot lesbian women Barefoot Liz and Barefoot Barb. She wants to get away from the influence of Barefoot Abby and start a life of her own yet again. Barefoot Tefé wants Barefoot Abby and myself to admit she is right first and foremost. To accept her decision without question this time. What to do? It seems unfair to her that she must now complete her teenage years a second time, after the exhaustively premature experiences she has had, but we fear she is unprepared for whatever might come. Barefoot Abby wants Barefoot Tefé to finish school and graduate, even though the choice to continue remains Barefoot Tefé's own. We cannot make this decision for her, although her skipping school has made it increasingly difficult. I wish my barefoot little one could be more patient and secure. The barefoot girl is her own young barefoot woman now. I want to console my beautiful barefoot daughter, but I don't know what will make her happy now anymore. I will try to help Barefoot Tefé to get out of her troubles in any way that I can. But for now, I simply don't know what I can do. It seems a shame to say it, but give me monsters and hell over this feeling of utter helplessness any night.

Valentine's Day.


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