Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sharing Optimism With Barefoot Abby.

Barefoot Abby's Presence In The Swamp Is Always A Pleasure.

The weather cleared up enough today for Barefoot Abby to come out to spend the early part of the afternoon. She sat on some rocks in the creek, savoring the chill air in her lovely nude body jewelry. She really wanted to celebrate this International Friendship Day with me.

Barefoot Abby is very graceful upon her always bare feet, of course, so naturally vibrant and beautiful, and just as well. She but rarely comes out to visit me when it's so cold. Seeing her out here again was so wonderful today! Her demeanor today reminded me much of how spiritedly carefree she was in the good old days and she remains so today. How I love her so much. So completely self-assured and enduring, my barefoot wife. My beautiful Barefoot Abby. She is beginning to show her middle-age life beautifully, and I often remind her of how lovely she remains to this day. She appreciates this. We talked for only a short while, but it's always good enough for both of us at times like this. Her electric bill is skyrocketing due to power restoration from last year's storm. Barefoot Tefé is still ill at ease about her current social situation. The Infinite Crisis remains a looming threat to us all. Great many things are of concern to Barefoot Abby. I asked her if that isn't always the case? We had a good laugh, we hugged for a while. She left smiling and she said,
"La revedere!" in her native Romanian, as she walked home nude proudly on her always bare feet, just as happily as she came. We have come a long way, Barefoot Abby and I. Now we are here again, where it all started. All in all, another quiet day as it proceeds onward into another evening. That's life, here in the swamp.

A Warning From Barefoot Poison Ivy!


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