Friday, February 17, 2006

Another Rainy Night.

It rained on the parade Barefoot Tefé went to see tonight. Her barefoot lesbian lover Barefoot Zaina arrived at Barefoot Tefé's side in time to receive the lush downpour over their lovely nude bodies.

re: Barefoot Tefé Holland wrote:

"Dad. Just got back in. It rained, just like you figured it would. Anyway I got this great picture of Barefoot Zaina. She's cut down so much of her weight and got into such better shape than when we met at that party a year ago. She looks sexy in her cornrows, bodywaxed with her Creole nude body jewelry, right down to her barefoot anklets and toe-rings. Like I said before, Barefoot Zaina's hot now. Since we didn't have to dress up in togas and participate in the parade, we just went nude and watched. Too bad the rain was so cold or else we would have enjoyed it. Even though the parade we went to catch was called off halfway through. Barefoot Zaina kept wanting to sit her Brazilian-waxed nude ass down, saying it was too long a walk. I said, "Come on, Barefoot Zaina! We go barefoot to school, we go shopping barefoot, we'll be barefoot doing everything! You've been always barefoot, typically your entire life, just like I have. You should be able to go for a long walk to the parade or anything else you want to go, got it? Taking these barefoot walks for longer that you're used to, that shouldn't be any different. Just keep on staying up longer on your always bare feet like you always have and always will, and the exercise will do you good and toughen your bare feet better. Don't ever doubt yourself again." I think that really turned her on, my saying that. She agreed. She's just used to being around the water, sitting in a boat and swimming her whole life. Not much used to standing, let alone walking and running on her always bare feet. She's decided to start running everywhere more often on her always bare feet, to keep on improving her form. And even at night, as she always does just fine. Like Mom and me, and all of our always barefoot girlfriends and a few guys we know who are likewise always barefoot. We realized she needs to start soaking up her bare feet in herbal tea to strengthen her perpetually bare soles to help manage these longer, tougher, more challenging walks we'll take from now on. It's fun making tea again. Haven't since I lived with Barefoot Lady Jane. Barefoot Zaina really enjoyed going barefoot again on the walk home tonight, since barefooting always feels good to her, so she will always be going out barefoot from now on, she's saying, she'll always be barefoot no matter what we do, so that's all and good. She's slim down, looks great nude and properly full-body Brazilian waxed, she'll always be going more confidently on her always bare feet just like I always do from now on, and she listens to me. Can't ask for much more than that. When that rain got really intense, we jumped up and we hightailed it for some blocks over to Mom's house, which was really cool because it was a different direction than I'm used to taking. Barefooting up and down the rainy streets to keep our bearings made it great. I was raised in a rain forest, after all, so getting wet and running nude on my always bare feet in the rain felt really good to me. Barefoot Zaina got to shivering by the end, though. I told her to suck it up, we were almost there. We were soaked and Barefoot Zaina was freezing, but loving every minute of it. Mom tried to make a big deal of it. I said Barefoot Zaina was fine. She just needed a hot shower. She's doing that now, while I'm brewing up essential tea therapy. We're going to bathe Barefoot Zaina's typically dirty bare feet clean tonight and have her soak them in this tea to firm them up for some good solid barefoot exercise we'll start having tomorrow, since you know the Barefoot Ideal is important in life. Mom says she's proud of me for taking such good care of Barefoot Zaina. That's cool. Anyway. Krewe of Barefoot Aphrodite's coming on the 24th. That's the one we're pitching in on. Should be a blast. Catch you later, Dad. Barefoot Tefé."

It's good to see Barefoot Tefé make so much of one night.
My barefoot little one deserves all the happiness in the world!

The Calm Before The Storm.


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