Friday, February 24, 2006

Barefoot Tefé On Parade With The Krewe of Barefoot Aphrodite.

Barefoot Tefé is dancing in the 22nd Krewe of Barefoot Aphrodite parade tonight. She looks exquisite in her shining nude body jewelry, complete with the magical girdle Cestus, and a waving sash in hand. She prefers to go traditionally nude, wearing her sexy nude body jewelry only, including the girdle. This is in the naturist tradition of the mythical true Barefoot Lady Aphrodite Venus. Her beautiful nude dancer's body shows off her magnificent healthy swimmer's physique. With Barefoot Tefé's perfect nude tan, her elegantly growing bare breasts, and her beautiful long white hair, it was only natural that she be selected for the role of Barefoot Lady Venus. This will help fashionably with planning her nude modeling career in her travels.

With or without her powers, naturally nude and body-bejeweled, the young Barefoot Lady Tefé always has been, and she forever shall be a Barefoot Nature Goddess of most exquisite nude beauty, glamor, wit, charm, and heart. Not unlike the eternally beautiful barefoot blonde nude Olympian Barefoot Love Goddess herself--
The Fabled Barefoot Lady Aphrodite Venus.

Mermaid Lori Lemaris.


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