Saturday, February 25, 2006

Mermaid Lori Lemaris.

The Beautiful Nude Mermaid Lori Lemaris.

The Lovely Nude Little Mermaid With Colossal Problems!

Today was Quiet Day, until a deafening loud noise rang out!
Early this evening, Barefoot Suzy and I heard a sonic disturbance channeling into the Green. Hurriedly, we rushed out to the Shell Beach region in the Gulf Stream Islands. There, on an isolated sandy beach we met our most exotic nude siren temptress wielding a now-silenced conch horn. Lori Lemaris was her name, and she truly is a mermaid, a highly-respected and noble denizen of legendary Atlantis! Mermaid Lori is also known as Barefoot Lori, whenever possessed of her legs and her bare feet on land. Barefoot Suzy knew of Mermaid Lori's fame, and instantly heaped praise and delight upon the noble nude mermaid's survival of the Spectre's destruction of the Atlantean Kingdom. Mermaid Lori came to us because she had nowhere left to turn. Atlantean Barefoot Queen Mera's resources have begun to wane tremendously, and now even Aquaman himself is nowhere to be found. Mermaid Lori attempted to contact Superman, the Barefoot Wonder Woman, the Barefoot Power Girl, and others. But she ultimately failed, as every hero is either lost, displaced, or missing in action during the continuing chaos of the Infinite Crisis. The Barefoot Black Orchid and I were Mermaid Lori's last resort. Barefoot Suzy lifted the wet tender mermaid into her powerful purple naked arms. She insisted they go to the Oblivion Bar, as the mystics there would be to Mermaid Lori's advantage. Barefoot Suzy told me that her involvement with Mermaid Lori would take her away for some time.

I told her it would be all right. She has served me well, and I would always be grateful. Barefoot Suzy then told me that after her journey to Mermaid Lori's underwater homeland, she would begin to involve herself more closely in the scheme of things. Find a way to halt the Villain Society's progress, or help in the coordination of an effort to neutralize the OMACs, perhaps. Anything but to sit on the sidelines while other heroes fail. I offered to go with her, but she insisted that I remain. She was right. The dead raconteur's bleeding of stories remains unresolved despite my best efforts turn things around.
A madman sits in a prison, waiting for release like a ticking time bomb. I cannot ignore these things. Besides, Barefoot Abby would never forgive me if I risk our well-being on yet another crusade to save humanity. The burden must fall on one who is prepared. I trust no one more so than the Barefoot Black Orchid. I hugged the heroic nymphic nude women, wishing them the best of luck. They bid me farewell. Soon I was alone on that beach. Mermaid Lori and Barefoot Suzy submerged themselves deep into the gulfstream waters. They swam away in their consumate grace underwater. As soon as the beautiful nude women swimming below the water were gone, the sky darkened, and a formidable thunderstorm began, as if echoing my concern and despair of being isolated from the outside world-- now at a time when power such as mine is needed most. For now, I'd better go join Barefoot Abby in New Orleans for the weekend festival.

Mardi Gras Time!


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