Thursday, February 23, 2006

Love and Sanctity. Nothing Else Matters.

Barefoot Tefé, The Barefoot Lady Romantic...

Today is National Rationalization Day. I had a meaningful discussion with Barefoot Tefé this morning. She will be staying with her barefoot lesbian lover, Barefoot Zaina full time now. Barefoot Abby has at last agreed to this arrangement, it is for the best for all of us. It will allow me greater access to Barefoot Abby and her house. Barefoot Tefé feels that Barefoot Zaina is, as yet, still not prepared to face the greater truth of Barefoot Tefé's existence and conception. Given the negative reaction and my brief interaction with Barefoot Abby's former lover, Jake Evans, I can't see any fault in this notion. Barefoot Tefé's happy where she'll be staying, and I can be closer to Barefoot Abby more of the time. All our respective happiness is what matters most.

The Woodrue Investigation Is Complete.


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