Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Today Is The Day Before Tomorrow.

Beautiful Barefoot Abby enjoyed her last day off from work today. Barefoot Abigail started her morning beautifully, casually nude and quite relaxed, while brushing and styling her beautiful white hair. She collected her purse and left the house as soon as she adorned herself in her beautiful nude body jewelry. She walked leisurely on her typical perpetually always bare feet, with her barefoot anklets and toe-rings, as the weather was fine for her usual morning nude always barefoot run. Barefoot Abby has often been nude her entire life, of course, so she encourages most other barefoot women and certain men to do the same, whenever appropiate, as is their practice for maintaining excellent natural form in their naturist exercises. Barefoot Abby takes many social concerns to heart, including Barefoot Women's Liberation, being admirably influential and persuasive, while still being elegantly flamboyant and adorably exhibitionistic, having the good sheer nerve to simply go nude however and wherever she pleases, earning the respect and cooperation of many, being very influential and enjoying her life. On warm or hot days, Barefoot Abby's as comfortable in her nude body jewelry in the now very naturist-friendly streets of Houma as she is running nude on her healthy always bare feet in the muddy marshlands, of course. Clearly, Barefoot Abby's years of work in imperative humane social reform and liberal hedonistic morale has paid off, since "skin will win!", as they say, now that casual female nudity is thankfully completely in favor, eliminating any lingering cultural sensitivity to healthy beautiful barefoot women just going nude in public in Houma, as is always their right. Finishing her briskly accomplished nude barefoot run before noon, Barefoot Abby met with her nude barefoot lady friends and stopped in at her naturist spa resort's International House of Pancakes diner swim-up bar for a free serving of morning pancakes. Barefoot Abby gladly credited her alloted donation to the children’s advocacy charity. She returned home with her purse, and she then came out to see me in her newest boat at Lake Bayou. Barefoot Abby couldn't wait "to hit the water" as her nude swimming pleasure was most assuredly to be the highlight of her day. She docked her boat and lay about nude in the sun for a couple of hours, sunning herself to improve upon her already perfect nude body sun tan. Seeing me waiting for her under the water, Barefoot Abby smiled, took a few deep breaths, and she plunged her beautiful healthly evenly sun-tanned sexy nude body into the deep water, swimming underwater the rest of the way. She certainly is shown enjoying her sexuality in every sort of healthy way. She definitely loves to swim. No one looks like Barefoot Abby when she's swimming and diving so well, the way her submerged lovely feminine athletic nude dancer's body and beautiful long flowing twin black-streaked white hair gleam above her cleanly round and lovely bare high forehead and her strong bare shoulders. It's impressive how my brave and devoted little barefoot wife swims so gracefully underwater, with the ever-present dark pitch-black grime completely shadowing the natural soles beneath her always bare feet creating the perfect contrast in her esteemed nude beauty.

Her shining ear-rings and her nude nipple-rings adorning her always fully sun-tanned bare breasts glimmered brightly. I never fail to be impressed by her beauty and her grace. After a long and luxurious swim together, we withdrew to a nearby glade, and we conducted our favorite of all our lovemaking rituals. A fine Floral Design day has come to pass for us.

Barefoot Abby's at home now, having exercised nude and bathed properly and is at the moment quite sound asleep from exhaustion until her primetime television shows come on. Her work day tomorrow's hopefully to be uneventful and easier for her than before. Save for the air conditioner, that infernal machine she describes that will either break down or else never turn off and make the place into a chilled over "icebox" not very much to her liking. Ah, well. Worse things have happened. I can't foresee any other problems for my beautiful barefoot wife, Barefoot Abby tomorrow. Everything of design perpetuates well for both of us, as life flows on in the bayou.

Damn It All To Hell...


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