Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Damn It All To Hell...

Barefoot Abby had a crisis of her own tonight. I cannot help but feel partially responsible for this terrible night of suffering and loss at Houma Barefoot Women's Center. Last night, goblins Nerk and Bob, two of the dead storyteller's aberrations were lombasted by their forebear King Toad, whom I had confronted before, into dire transgression to superceed my abiding influence. The two monstrosities were provoked to use Barefoot Abby as leverage as a hostage, or perhaps to be given worse! Unaware of this dismal development, I spent those very same pre-dawn hours creating a lush garden for Barefoot Abby in her backyard this morning, before heading back to the swamp to spend the rest of the day. She was most impressed by it. Barefoot Abby's day went uneventfully and she began her graveyard shift late this evening. Nerk and Bob had stalked Barefoot Abby to her established working edifice, as the setting of the sun had already drawn them out. Oblivous to the danger, Barefoot Abby set about her working standard. She conversed with young Barefoot Candy Taylor, a barefoot teen runaway having experienced New Orleans the hard way, finding it bigger than expected, and not so easy. Barefoot Abby sees hope for nearly everyone and sought to direct Barefoot Candy toward a light of sorts. Barefoot Abby would put the homeless barefoot girl up for the night, perhaps a vain attempt to sway the barefoot girl from prostitution dependance. As moonlight shone in an unclouded and star-filled night sky, the other barefoot women on duty had filed over to the emergency crisis hotline. Uninsured against further migraine aggression, Barefoot Abby was depleted from grueling phoneline service. Her new position as the barefoot lady doctor's assistant pays well enough so she doesn't mind the change of venue, she has said. Then, the travesty took place. The two monsters crashed into the office, seizing Barefoot Abby and Barefoot Candy. At this moment, my attention was in considerably mad trevails of its own, as a myriad of universal divergencies filed unforgiveably upon our own reality, in a carnival parade of consummate transgression upon all of us. It was then that Alexander Luthor's mad plan to intiate absolute control over his theoretically-posited "perfect" Earth took effect. Thousands of different Earths filled the sky tonight, the onslaught of various Greens of divergent realities touching our own was enough to halt the adeptness of even my powers. As a dire result, Barefoot Abby's psychic telepathic cry upon this Earth for my help went completely unheard... and what followed went horribly unanswered. The results were disastrous. Barefoot Abby called the police, then bravely fought to protect herself and Barefoot Candy from the invading monsters. But after using a letter opener, a chair, and even gauging out one of the larger creature's eyes using only her bare hands to ward off the assault of her monstrous attackers, the larger one turned on the defenseless barefoot girl. Now standing over the partially devoured corpse of her young barefoot friend, Barefoot Abby stood vengefully outraged to fight these monsters alone, to duel them to the death! That is when the two rookie Houma policemen she had summoned burst into the barefoot lady doctor's office, opened fire blindly at the fleeing creatures. Barefoot Abby and the dead barefoot girl that she had failed to protect were taken to the hospital, the half-eaten bloody corpse she cradled so despairingly had to be torn by paramedics and hospital staff from Barefoot Abby's desperately fierce grasp. When our barefoot teen daughter, Barefoot Tefé was finally allowed to visit Barefoot Abby, she found her brave barefoot mother wouldn't speak. Barefoot Abby whispered lowly in resign. She repeatedly asked herself, "Why?" Why, indeed? I will weep for Barefoot Abby, for her barefoot friend, and for us all. This night, we have lost more of life's meaning than I can possibly describe. War and revenge are always like that. I remember this now...

Confrontation Against Abominations.


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