Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Barefoot Orchid In Atlantis.

The Nude Purple Barefoot Flower of The Seven Seas...

re: Barefoot Susan Linden-Thorne-Weems II wrote:

"Dear Alec. Sorry this e-mail has to be so short. I can't keep the phone line busy for very long. I'm on the Sea Devils' ship. They've been gracious hosts. I sent you this photo we took of me visiting Mermaid Lori's garden peak! She's a talented cultivator, let me tell you. Tomorrow is Mermaid Lori's birthday. I'm going to Atlantis just in time for a mermaid's birthday party! This is so exciting.
I understand she's SUPER at kissing! We'll see. Here's Mermaid Lori coming up again. Time for a photo of our favorite sexy nude mermaid surfacing:

"How exciting! What a wonderful Tell A Fairy Tale Day this has been. Somebody's talking to me. They want me off the ship and down in the water again. Something is going on down there. Time for another good healthy swim and go check it out. I'm fine, just having a hard time keeping up with everyone else. Everyone's extremely pushy, but I don't blame them. Working in the ocean is a real challenge for me. But I love it, I've never seen anything like this. Into the blue I go again! We'll need the floodlight this time, it's already dark. But I'm not scared though, far from it. Dive time! If I miss my splash, they'll leave me here. I'm off. Best watery wishes to you back home, Barefoot Suzy."

Barefoot Suzy seems to be at her best under pressure. If all goes well in their recovery work, she will have wonderful memories of this experience. An interesting and pleasing event this may be to behold indeed.

Barefoot Lady Nightshade's Abduction and Memory Loss.


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