Thursday, March 02, 2006

Confrontation Against Abominations.

Nerk's Hand. My Prize "Catch" of The Morning.
Hardly Worth The Effort.

This morning, as the Infinite Earths faded from the sky with the coming of dawn, my mind became lucid once more. The evil goblins Nerk and Bob were not far, I pursued them with a vengeance. Using the swamp against them, I had them cornered in a rustic glade, later this morning. Nerk took the offensive, while "Sissy Bob" lived up to his name again and skirted his way hastily into the realm of stories, only to be forced to materialize elsewhere in the swamp. Well, I will deal with him later. For now though, I've dealt Nerk, the guilty slayer of his victim Barefoot Candy Taylor, a setback most considerable. After striking several blows to the one-eyed night terror with my fists, I unleashed a shock of plow-wood into the creature's right hand, severing it. The monster howled in pain at its bloodshed, it's imminent slaying at my hand was inevitable. But then, it too attempted to flee this plane, only to be extracted back into this swamp by the dead storyteller's indominatable magic. Out of my reach, or pattern of search. The swamp is simply too big. I dare not use the full scope of my powers, due to Alexander Luthor's continuous meddling of an infinite number of realities. Nor am I able to confront the young divergent Luthor directly for this reason. This situtation is becoming most frustrating. The monsters' escape of the policemen's bullets last night, now this. I imagine Nerk's lost hand has already begun to grow back, making our fierce battle a rather futile one.
I have summoned the Barefoot Black Orchid to continue the pursuit of these monsters, as I attempt to stablize the swamp, in so doing, the complete implementation of my abilities. The struggle for control continues, but my resolve in the matter remains precisely the same. In the end I assure you, I will not be denied!

Life Goes On As The Infinite Crisis Continues.


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