Friday, March 03, 2006

Life Goes On As The Infinite Crisis Continues.

The Barefoot Black Orchid returned from her duties elsewhere this morning. The devastation in Atlantis and other places was far worse than we had estimated. Now the war has come home. Barefoot Suzy was saddened and angrily upset to learn of Barefoot Abby's gruesome ordeal. Barefoot Suzy wanted Nerk and Bob's heads. I had to coax her priorities to attain her latest report. As can clearly be seen in the darkness of the sky every night, there are parallel Earths filling our plane of existence. Many have already obliterated, already a report has gone out that a new Anti-Monitor has arisen to challenge the young Luthor, namely his former companion, the Superboy of Earth-Prime. Also, and most unsurprisingly, the Barefoot Lady Nightshade has disappeared once more, while in preparation for a church mass for the fallen heroes, of all things. This would stand to reason everyone else Luthor had claimed would be back under his thrall, even the Earth-2 displaced Barefoot Power Girl should have returned to this world by now, after a brief respite however confusing it may have been. Speaking of Earth-2, the Barefoot Wonder Woman and Superman have gone there, perhaps to extract the Justice Society, who in their own minds have only just arrived on that manufactured world due to the time distortion there. Or perhaps there was another reason. I have quite enough to deal with on this Earth, than to have to try to grasp what is happening on another. What matters is that apparently no one knows Luthor's secret location, save perhaps select members of the Titans. Barefoot Suzy was about to join the Titans and offer her full support, when I summoned her here instead. Now Barefoot Suzy is intent upon hunting down our errant frog-like folk-tale foes locally, while I attempt to retain a firmer grasp upon the Green once more. With the Barefoot Black Orchid on the case, her grim determination to wreak vengeance upon them, I rather expect Nerk and Bob permanently dispatched into the netherworld or Hell to which they will belong, before the daylight hours have passed.

Barefoot Suzy's War Wounds.


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